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  • People Connected to Fife

    People Connected to Fife Historic County of Scotland Image right - Fife within Scotland in 1890 See also Fife or Fifeshire Main Page Fife/Fifeshire - Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards Historic Houses of Fife

  • Picts

    Picts were a tribal confederation of peoples who lived in what is today eastern and northern Scotland during the Late Iron Age and Early Medieval periods. They are thought to have been ethnolinguistically Celtic. Where they lived and what their culture was like can be inferred from the geographical distribution of brochs, Brittonic place name elements, and Pictish stones. Picts are attested to ...

  • Earls of Fife

    Basic Resources Earls of Fife, from existing charters 1070-1153 "Mackduffe Comite", charter of Malcolm III to Dunfermline, c. 1070-1093 (Lawrie X); probably spurious (Lawrie thinks it may have been "reconstructed" circa Malcolm IV, which gives a *very* early date for the "Macduff legend"). Ethelred son of Malcolm III, circa 1090-1094 (Lawrie XIV); after-the-fact memorandum (c. ear...

  • SCOTLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects

    SCOTLAND, United Kingdom - Place Projects See Counties of Scotland - United Kingdom This is a sub-project of International Places Project Index Every person is born somewhere, marries, lives, works and dies somewhere. Places are a key component to family history research. This project aims to be the starting point in your search for a place in SCOTLAND on Geni to discover more about your ...