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  • Namesakes

    Namesakes Places, organizations and things named after people. Who is your city or town, village or tribe named after? Or how about the company you work for, or the consumer product that you just bought at the store get its name? Have you ever wondered where a scientific discovery got its name? We often name our cities, towns, rivers, mountain rangers, airports, and universities after a promi...

  • Founders of Famous American Businesses

    The founders of American companies of world renown.*

  • American College & University Founders

    This project aims to gather together all of the Geni profiles of people who directly founded American colleges and universities. Anyone who solely founded an institution can be added. Who Is a Founder? Please read this section carefully before adding anyone to this project. Thanks! A specific founder is usually listed on the "History" page of any major college or university's website. In m...

  • Town Founders

    Objective==A project to honor the founders of our towns and cities worldwide. These men and women are our civil and religious leaders that built a community though their hard work, leadership, vision, and pioneer spirit.The profiles that are added should include a description of their role in the creation of the town. The photo on the right is a picture of Hershey, PA, which was founded and pla...

  • Young Philosophers & Thinkers

    Cometan, philosopher and founder of Astronism Oliver Thorn, philosophy YouTuber Alex J. O'Connor, debater and philosopher Justin Sytsma, philosophy professor Dr Hannah Tierney, philosophy lecturer Gina Roussos, psychology graduate and philosopher