Union API

Returns information about a union.




Name Type Description Required
fields Array of Strings You can pass a list of fields you want returned in your call. For example, to get just the status of a union: https://www.geni.com/api/union-12276689?fields=status. false
ids Array of Strings You can select a group of unions on specific urls. For example: https://www.geni.com/api/union?ids=101,31534,145 returns union data for all three ids. false
only_ids Boolean The returned data structures will contain urls to other objects in our system unless the request includes 'only_ids=true.' Passing only_ids will force the system to return ids only. false

Returned Fields

Name Type Description
children Array of Strings Array of children in the union (urls or ids, if requested)
divorce Event Divorce date and location
id String The union's id
marriage Event Marriage date and location
marriage_date Date When the couple was married
marriage_location Location Where the couple was married
partners Array of Strings Array of partners in the union (urls or ids, if requested)
status String The status of the union (spouse|ex_spouse)
Note: Blank fields will not be returned to save bandwidth.