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Ants Antson (1938 - 2015)

Eesti sportlane - olümpiavõitja kiiruisutamises.

Eve Kivi

Eve Kivi (õieti Eeve Kivi; sündinud 8. mail 1938 Paides) on eesti filminäitleja. Eve Kivi tähistas 75. sünnipäeva suurejooneliselt

Arvo Pärt

Arvo Pärt (sündinud 11. septembril 1935 Paides) on rahvusvaheliselt tuntuim eesti helilooja. Ta on tuntud eelkõige isikupärase kompositsioonitehnika poolest (nn tintinnabuli...

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1960 - 1999)

. Dorothy Willard is John Fitzgerald Kennedy JR's 12th Cousin. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is Dorothy Willard's 11th great grandfather's wife's 11th great grandson. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr is the...

Sarah Josepha Hale (1788 - 1879)

Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (October 24, 1788 - April 30, 1879) was an American writer and an influential editor. She is the author of the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb". She famously campaigned f...

Mary I of England (1516 - 1558)

Mary I (18 February 1516 – 17 November 1558) was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. She was the eldest daughter of Henry VIII and only surviving child of Catherine of A...

Ezra Schwartz (1997 - 2015)

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Bruce Lee 李小龍 (1940 - 1973)

At the time of his sudden and mysterious death in 1973, actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee was on the verge of international super-stardom. Rooted strongly in both Oriental and Western cultures, L...

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Queen of the Commonwealth realms Reign since 6. February 1952 Coronation 2. June 1953 Predecessor: George VI Heir-apparent: Charles, Prince of Wales Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; bo...

William Bradford, Governor of Plymouth Colony (1589 - 1657)

William Bradford Birth: on or before 19 March 1589/90 - Austerfield, Yorkshire, England Christened: 19 March 1589/90 - St. Helen's Chapel, Austerfield, Yorkshire, England Parents: William Bradf...

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