Geni World Family Tree Grows To 60 Million People

November 11, 2011

Collaboration by Millions of Genealogists Grows Largest, Most Comprehensive Family Tree

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – November 11, 2011 – Geni, the collaborative family history community home to the largest, most comprehensive “World Family Tree,” today announced that more than 60 million people have been added to its World Family Tree.

With more than 10 million people added in the past year, Geni is seeing steady growth in usage by free users, as well as members subscribing to its Plus and Pro premium services.

“One of the most common problems genealogists face in conducting family research is duplicate or erroneous information on an individual,” said Noah Tutak, Geni CEO. “Geni’s mission is to create one, and only one, profile for every person that has lived and connect them together across the entire world.”

Geni invites everyone interested in family history to help build the World Family Tree. Anyone can sign up and create a family tree for free and work with millions of other users to grow their tree, meet new relatives, and learn more about their family history. Users who connect to the World Family Tree can discover how they are related to celebrities, historical figures, and their friends.

About Geni, Inc.

Geni is an online community of casual and expert genealogists working together to create a single World Family Tree. Members can invite relatives to help them build their family tree with by adding profile information, documents, photos and videos. They can then discover how they are related to celebrities, historical figures and other members of the World Family Tree. Privately held and based in Los Angeles, Geni’s financial backers include Founders Fund and Charles River Ventures. It was founded by David Sacks, the original chief operating officer of PayPal and founder of Yammer, Inc.