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Evelin Ilves

Evelin Ilves (aastani 1993 Evelin Int; 1993–2004 Evelin Int-Lambot; sündinud 20. aprill 1968 Tallinn) on eesti majandustegelane, president Toomas Hendrik Ilvese abikaasa. Evelin I...

Henry Hudson III, The Explorer (1575 - c.1611)

EVENT: Land sale: Founder of Muscovy Company (sponsered John Cabots voyages) This Henry, is identified as Henry Hudson the Explorer. His exploits and life are a matter of historical record. He was a ...

James Arness (1923 - 2011)

Nekrolog/Obituarie (Los Angeles Times): ----------------------- James Arness (born May 26, 1923) is an American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke for 20 years. His br...

Joan Rivers (1933 - 2014)

Joan Alexandra Molinsky (born June 8, 1933), better known by her stage name Joan Rivers , is an American television personality, comedian, writer, film director, and actress. She is known for her ribal...

Hugh John Mungo Grant

Hugh John Mungo Grant is an English actor and film producer. He has received a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA, and an Honorary César. His movies have also earned more than $2.4 billion from 25 thea...

Queen Elizabeth II

London, UK

Queen of the Commonwealth realms Reign since 6. February 1952 Coronation 2. June 1953 Predecessor: George VI Heir-apparent: Charles, Prince of Wales Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; bo...

Hirvo Surva

Hirvo Surva on koorijuht ja muusikapedagoog. 1979. aastal lõpetas Kohtla-Järve lastemuusikakooli klaverierialal, 1983. aastal Georg Otsa nimelise Tallinna Muusikakooli (S. Melliku klass...

Birgit Õigemeel

Birgit Õigemeel (born 24 September 1988 in Kohila, Estonia) is an Estonian singer. Birgit Õigemeel (sündinud 24. septembril 1988) on eesti laulja.

William the Conqueror, King of England (1024 - 1087)

Guillaume 'le Conquérant' FitzRobert, Duc de Normandie, Roi d'Angleterre , in English: William the Conqueror, King of England Parents Robert 'le Diable', Duc de Normandie & his mistress Herl...

Patsy Cline (1932 - 1963)

Patsy Cline (September 8, 1932 – March 5, 1963), born Virginia Patterson Hensley in Gore, Virginia, was an American country music singer who enjoyed pop music crossover success during the era ...

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