I have been using Geni.com for over a year now and never thought the site would have such an impact in my life.

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Regards and thanks to everyone concerned for this sites which helps bring families together in these days when families are forced to move apart geographically and sorely needed a means of hanging in together!


This is an awesome site. My young adults father begin his side of the family. As African-Americans it is a blessing to be able to go back as far as they have. Thank you.


Hi, First of let me say that I love GENI and it has become my passion and my obsession. I started my tree in January, have added over 1200 family members by myself and my forest now contains over 2100 people. You guys blow ancestry away in terms of interface. Their "family view" is a joke and is a pain to use.


Hello, first of all I must say that this software is the best I have ever seen, it´s a dream to work and update with.


Let me say that Geni is the best site I have found on the internet. I am hearing from relative I haven’t heard from in years. Keep up the good work.


I never had any interest in genealogy until my cousin Paul Friese got me into it. I’m hooked now!


I worked for the last eighteen years on this Tree, this is the first time, thanks to Geni’s program, that I can invite family to update their branches.


Just wanted to thank you for this great website. This is the first time our family has showed love and support to one another. I started this in March and in July we have planned our 1st ever family reunion. It is all thanks to Geni.


I love your site and appreciate the work you do. It has connected people in my family thousands of miles apart.


What I like most about Geni is its extremely simple user interface and the power of the application.


My brother, Pete, sent me an invitation to join Geni, an online family tree. I thought, “OK, I’ll join, be part of the group.” And then I went to the site and promptly spent over an hour adding relatives
and birthdays and marveling at how many people I am connected to.


I love the site! It’s a great way to organize a family and trace your past! I could do this all day long!

Stephanie B.

Every time I refreshed my view of the tree yesterday, there was more information available because a relative eight time zones away was updating the database.


Just thought I’d shout out what my entire family is thinking. I’ve chatted to relatives I’ve not seen in a decade. We’re organizing a big European reunion in 2009 on the back of this renewed contact. Please pass a big well done on to the developers, this is technology that makes a difference.

James C.

What I like about Geni:
1) Price.  Can’t beat free.
2) Interface.   It’s better than anything else I’ve seen out there.
3) Collaboration. Honestly, this is really the only way to gather as much information as possible on your family. By using the social networking, each person creates nodes for the relatives they know about. No one person knows everyone in their family, but we each know our immediate family and uncles and aunts and first cousins.

Everyone’s seen the Ancestry.com Ads on every website. But having tried both, i still have to say Geni is absolutely amazing at what it does. And it looks amazing too… one of my favorite sites ever!


I just wanted to send you a comment on how great this web 2.0 tool is! I have been struggling with graphically depicting my family tree as well as with collecting information from various relatives and your
tool is there to do it – I consider it a FOAK [first of a kind] site.

Anne S.

First let me say loud and proud, I love Geni.com! And folks I don’t get that excited over a website – using the word “love” and “dot com” in the same sentence. But Geni.com has got me good. Congratulation Geni.com – you won me over in record time and I’m totally addicted.

Ben S.

Through you and your team I am back in touch with relatives that I didn’t have contact with for 20 years.

Kurt W.

Geni is bringing me closer than I would have ever been able to be with my family who is scattered across the country and even a few out on the other side of the world. THANK YOU, GENI TEAM!

Becky P.

This website is the most awesome website there is. It’s just amazing how you can create your family tree.

Victor B.

From the moment the web page opens, it’s the easiest, most well designed application I’ve ever used. Your entire company deserves recognition for doing an exceptional job.

David M.

I just received an email from someone who found a great-aunt of me by searching last names. He contacted me for further information. I am very glad that this database is being used by people to try and connect with long-lost and far-flung relatives.

Grant M.