Swedish pop supergroup ABBA, related?

Started by Private User on Friday, January 3, 2020
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Private User
1/3/2020 at 7:34 AM

Swedish pop supergroup ABBA

Agnetha Fältskog
Agneta Fältskog is your fifth cousin once removed.
Björn Ulvaeus
Björn Ulvaeus is your 8th cousin thrice removed.
Benny Andersson
Benny Andersson is your 12th cousin.
Anni-Frid Synni «Frida» Lyngstad, Princess Reuss of Plauen
Anni-Frid Synni «Frida» Lyngstad, Princess Reuss of Plauen is your 15th cousin thrice removed.


Private User
1/3/2020 at 8:23 AM

Estás conectado a Benny Andersson.
Relación de sangre más corta
Benny Andersson is your 19th cousin once removed.
You Juan Carlos
→ Juan Iges Blom
your father → Carmen Cristina Madsen
his mother → Ana Hilda Mathiasen
her mother → Lars Mathiasen
her father → Mathias Larsen
his father → Sophie Margrete Mathiasdatter
his mother → Karen Jensdatter
her mother → Kirstine Margrete Christiansdatter
her mother → Christian Jeppesen Bruun
her father → Karen Nielsdatter Bruun
his mother → Niels Frandsen Bruun
her father → Johanne Andersdatter Grøn
his mother → Anders Eriksen Grøn, til Tamdrup Bisgaard
her father → Erik Jensen Grøn, til Voergaard
his father → Maren Andersdatter Bjørn, af Voergaard
his mother → Anders Jachimsen Bjørn, af Voergaard
her father → Jachim Bjørn til Stensgaard
his father → Sophie Jacobsdatter Lunge
his mother → Rigsråd Jacob Olufsen Lunge
her father → Ellene Olufsdatter Lunge, til Bjernede
his sister → Johan Henneke Evertsen Moltke
her son → Evert Moltke, til Bavelse
his son → Bertha Evertsdotter Moltke, till Bavelse
his daughter → Tönne Eriksson Thott, till Benhammar
her son → Metta Tönnesdotter Tott
his daughter → Brita Margareta Göransdotter (Gyllenmåne)
her daughter → Märta Svantesdotter Stålarm
her daughter → Ingeborg Börjesdotter Rosenstråle
her daughter → Jöns Carlsson Sabelskjöld
her son → Carl Jönsson Sabelsköld
his son → Märta Carlsdotter Sabelskjöld
his daughter → Carin Månsdotter
her daughter → Carl Olofsson
her son → Märta Lisa (Lisken) Carlsdotter
his daughter → Samuel Gustav Jonsson Kling
her son → Johanna Sofia Johansdotter Kling
his daughter → Anna Karolina Vestberg
her daughter → Anna Elisabet Vestberg
her daughter → Gösta Bror Vilhelm Andersson
her son → Benny Andersson
his son

Private User
1/3/2020 at 8:25 AM

Agneta Fältskog is Juan Carlos' fourth great aunt's second great nephew's wife's second cousin once removed's ex-wife's first cousin's ex-wife!

Private User
1/3/2020 at 8:27 AM

Anni-Frid Synni «Frida» Lyngstad, Princess Reuss of Plauen is your fourth great aunt's second cousin twice removed's wife's sister's husband's daughter's husband's first cousin once removed's ex-husband's 2nd wife.

Private User
1/3/2020 at 8:29 AM

Björn Ulvaeus is your fourth great aunt's second great nephew's wife's second cousin once removed's ex-wife's first cousin.

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