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yesterday at 12:24 PM

Can anyone please provide a source for the existence of John Perkins born 1670 in Accomack County VA and his wife Judith Driggers born circus 1680 at the “Choawn and Meherrin Rover confluence”? I’ve looked extensively for them and can find no evidence of their existence. I’ve seen evidence that Thomas Driggers, the son of Emanuel Driggers, was married to Sarah George but no evidence he was married to “Francis (Wingina)” or had a daughter named Judith. For Judith, it lists as sources the “will of Thomas Bryant; Dissertation on Yeopim; Pouncey and Pagr information in Wills and Deed books.” I’d love to see these documents; can you please tell me where I might find them? Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

yesterday at 1:59 PM

We do ethnographic reseach in a team and use mirror tree autosomic results.
Because our claimants have ancestors with no names, their existance is based on the fact that our claimant lines had to have ancestors. The names and dates are iffy. As to "John Perkins" born say 1670 in Accomack County VA and his wife "Judith" Driggers born circus 1680 at the Choawn and Meherrin Rover confluence, we can follow how this developed based on a marriage of "Perkins" to the name appropriating "Scott Family of the QM3 Native American family" member marrying a Perkins-named person of the E1 Hap Group and since we know their community base was at Battle Beach in Newsoms Co, we know what river they lived near. When there are no primary sources, we have to work with what we have In native communities, that is their indenture papers where they took on the names of their indentures' name at time and other times they chose whatever name they liked, once freed at age 21, we have to look at community patterns within their diasporas and then atDna test participation can and did pivot off the hard evidence of theThomas Driggers cousins who do have evidence that he was the son of Emanuel Driggers ,and was married to Sarah George; then, a most common recent ancestry can be run in group chromosome triangulation and since the cousins match to the same cluster in high enough cM, we can surmize hepartnered to“Francis (Wingina Community person)” and had a daughter called Judith per the oral history. She had to have a name. Judith works. She can be called "Other wife" as Judith's descendants are out of the time line possibility of stepmother(s).

We know these people are Acquian Tan Yard forced labor worker descending. For that we use the- Will of Thomas Bryant whose ydna Hap Group of RU 106 we follow as a skeletin core from which spokes of a wheel no longer are eluding us, due to atDna community studies. We have been told by professional geneatic geneologists that the Accomack connection is in part due to the Acquian Slaves from Rice Hooe's Tan Yard marrying the Yeopim whose subject matter is a Dissertation that should be on the search engines for George Grant's father and that group is tied to deeds at all the port cities that tied to the Atlantic Traders of Hicks and DuRant whose deed work we find at their headquarters in Antiqua. There is a tithable census of Northampton in 1666. For this particular group we have a signature SNP
atDna ==SNP Results ==15 25m for claimants in the lines of Powell, Perkins NAMED, Lawrence, Smith, Goodwin, Hooe/Haw/How/Howell, Sizor/Saucier, Pounds, Page, Pouncy, Patton, Floyd, Davis, Tate lines of the New Kent Fur Trade Families, etc. named claimants.

We will try to get the SOURCE section more filled out for the "Perkins of the E1 Hap Group".

yesterday at 2:12 PM

David thank you and the team for all the hard work on my GGparents 💓

yesterday at 8:19 PM

David, thank you very much for answering. However, I’m now even more confused. Are you saying the names John Perkins and Judith Driggers are made up? That’s what it sounds like, but I may have misunderstood.

My ultimate concern is why you tied the hyoothetical Josn and Judith to my 7th great-grandmother Esther Perkins. She was a “free mulatto” woman living and working in Accomack County Virginia. She first appears in the Accomack records when she had a “bastard child” in 1730. She had a series of additional children, all (or most) of whom she indentured to a man named Janes Gibson.

One of Esther’s sons, and my 6th great-grandfather, was named Joshua Perkins, nicknamed Old Jock in an 1858 Tennessee trial. Old Jock’s father is unknown. He had 5 sons. I’ve done Y-700 tests on descendants of them all and they match each other. They are of clear African descent on their paternal line.

It appears Joshua’s unknown father may have been a descendant of Emanuel Driggers, but this has yet to be proven. We are continuing to do y-dna testing of male line Driggus/Driggers descendants whenever we find them.

In any case, there is no evidence of who Esther’s parents were or that she was in any way of indigenous American descent. I’m concerned by her apparently evidence-free inclusion in your project.

Moreover, who you have as Esther’s descendants confabulate two women named Esther Perkins who were born almost 100 years apart. There are many other demonstrably incorrect assertions made about Esther Perkins and her descendants in the current Geni profile.

How can I help get Esther’s profile fixed?

yesterday at 9:27 PM

That was curated yesterday, by Erica. Problem solved.

yesterday at 9:37 PM

The Sept 6th attachment and detachments are on the Revisions Tab where it shows me changing the parentage a few times which I did because I was moving her backwards on the relationship tab to a parent who was of a date that would work for her birth. That is when I added Erica to the management to help curate it.

yesterday at 9:38 PM

If anyone has any kits they would want to share from Gedmatch, we can likely help with the Gibson connection.

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