Moses Calhoun - Moses Calhoun's Father

Started by Stephen Daniel Harper on today
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Today at 4:26 PM

Is there any actual evidence that Andrew Bonaparte Calhoun (an enslaver) was the father of Moss?

Today at 5:30 PM

Conflicting Y DNA also.

Today at 5:43 PM

The answer seems to be that Nellie Calhoun/Ezzard household cook, was enslaved to Andrew Calhoun, and the mother of Moses Calhoun & Sinai Catherine. Sinai Catherine’s father was listed as Judge Ezzard.


Today at 5:43 PM

Source: The Hornes: An American Family. By Gail Lumet Buckley (2002)

Today at 6:05 PM

I looked at the Y DNA trees from both test contributors. The R contributor is a 2nd cousin x 4, the E contributor a fourth cousin x 5. Either / neither could be correct.

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