cader powell

Started by dianna hernandez on Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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5/24/2011 at 1:05 AM

cader powell was the son of moses powell,and mary williams.according to my records he died in 1835.he was the father of my great great great grandfather theophilus powell.cader's grandparents wld have been george powell and anna conner,george was born about1697 in norfolk co.virginia.his great grandparents were marion or merriam smith and john powell born 1670-71.great great grandparents of cader were,richard powell born1645 and susanna clements.richard died in 1673.richards parents were richard powell 1born 1625.wife elizabeth bouling or boulding.father of richard powell is john powell and .his wife ,katherine.they would be our first ancestors in america .they came from england . he came on the swallow in 1609.she on the flying hart in 1622.they lived in elizabethcity co.across fromnorfolk co.virginia.....i can go back further to 1588 in wales if anyone has interest .

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