Enlil-nasir I, King of Assyria

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Enlil-nasir I, King of Assyria

Birthplace: Assyria
Death: -1466 (63-65)
Immediate Family:

Son of Puzur-Ashur III, King of Assyria
Father of Ashur-rabi I, King of Assyria and Nur-ili of Assyria

Occupation: 40th King of Old Assyria, King of Assyria, koning van Assyrië
Managed by: Flemming Allan Funch
Last Updated:

About Enlil-nasir I, King of Assyria

en.Wikipedia, Enlil-nasir I
"Enlil-nasir I was the king of Assyria from c. 1497 BC to 1485 BC. In the List of Assyrian kings appears the following entry (king # 62): Enlil-nasir, son of Puzur-Ashur (III), ruled for thirteen years.[2] His name is present on two clay cones from Ashur. He is mentioned in the Synchronistic King list, but the name of the Babylonian counterpart is illegible.[2]"
1. Düring, Bleda S. (2020). The Imperialisation of Assyria: An Archaeological Approach. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. p. xvi. ISBN 978-1108778701.
2. A. K. Grayson (1972). Assyrian Royal Inscriptions, Volume 1. Otto Harrassowitz. p. 36. §224—231.

  • en.Wikipedia, List of Assyrian Kings
  • Indonesian Wikipedia auto-translation: "Enlil-nasir I was the ruler of Assyria from 1479 to 1466 BC. In the Assyrian King List appears the following entry (king #62): Enlil-nasir, son of Puzur-Ashur(III), reigned for thirteen years.[1] His name is present on two clay cones from Assyria. He is mentioned in the king list synchronization, but the name of his Babylonian counterpart is illegible.[1]" – Citing: A. K. Grayson (1972). Assyrian Royal Inscriptions, Volume 1. Otto Harrassowitz. hlm. 36. §224—231.
  • Polish WIkipedia auto-translation: "Enlil-nasir I (aka Enlil-nāṣir, transl. "God Enlil is the guardian / guardian") - ruler of Assyria, son and successor of Puzur-Ashura III; according to the Assyrian list of kings, he was to rule for 13 years [1]. He reigned in the 16th century BC [2] During the excavations in Ashur, two clay cones with its building inscription were found [3]. – Citing: [1] A.K. Grayson, Assyrian Royal Inscriptions, tom I (From the Beginning to Ashur-resha-ishi I), seria Records of the Ancient Near East (RANE), Otto Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 1972; [2] A.K. Grayson, Königslisten und Chroniken. B. Akkadisch, w: Reallexikon der Assyriologie, tom VI (Klagesang-Libanon), Walter de Gruyter, Berlin - New York 1980-83, s.86-135.
  • Czech Wikipedia auto-translation: "Enlil-nasir I (Akkadian «[God] Enlil - protector») was an Assyrian king in the period roughly 1497–1483 BC. He was the son of the previous ruler Puzur-Ashshur III. ¶ Around 1485 BC, the Assyrian army under his command clashed with the troops of the Mitanni Empire, led by King Shaushtatar, who was trying to expand Mitanni territory. The Assyrian troops suffered a series of defeats and Shaushtatar even managed to capture the capital of Assyria, Ashur. He looted it and took away rich booty, including the temple gate, chained with gold and silver. Enlil-nasir I ruled for 14 years, and after his death, his son, Nur-ili, took the Assyrian throne." – Cites: "Historie starověkého Východu" - "История Древнего Востока. Зарождение древнейших классовых обществ и первые очаги рабовладельческой цивилизации", část 1. Mezopotámie/"Месопотамия". I. M. Djakonov, Nakl. Nauka, 1983, str. 534, rusky.
  • Catalan Wikipedia auto-translation: Birth: 16th century BC – Death: 15th century BC – King of Assyria: 1479 BC – 1466 BC – Occupation: Sovereign – Children: Nurili, Aixurrabi I – Father: Puzur-Aixur III – Bio: "Enlilnasir I or Enlil-nasir I was a king of Assyria who ruled perhaps between 1500 BC and 1490/1485 BC, according to the Middle Chronology. The Assyrian King List says he ruled for 13 years.[1] According to the Synchronic History (a Babylonian text from the 8th century BC that refers to the relations between Babylon and Assyria during the Kassite domination) he would have been a contemporary of King Ulamburiax who reigned around 1500 BC.[2] He restored the towers of a temple in Assur, which one is not known, as the name appears cursed in the text. This temple had been founded by Ixme-Dagan II.[3] He was succeeded by his son Nurili, according to the Assyrian King List." — Citation 1: «The Assyrian king list». Livius.org. [Consulta: 2 novembre 2021]. – Citation 2: Radner, Karen (ed.). The prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian empire: vol. 1, part II. B -G. Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 1999, p. 280. ISBN 9789514586453. – Citation 3: Grayson, A. Kirk. Assyrian royal inscriptions vol. 1: From the beginning to Ashur-resha-ishi I. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 1972, p. 36. ISBN 9783447013826.
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