Will search for the relationship path from the first profile to the second, or it will indicate that a search is running in which case you should try again later.



Name Type Description Required
path_type String Type of path search (values: blood or inlaw, default: closest) false
refresh Boolean Refresh an exising path (if allowed) false
search Boolean Whether to search beyond maximum family range (default true) false
skip_email Boolean Omits email notification of result (default false) false
skip_notify Boolean Omits on-site notification of result (default false) false

Returned Fields

Name Type Description
relations Array of Relations An ordered list of relatives connecting the 'from' profile to the 'to' profile (inclusive of both endpoints)
relationship String English description of the relationship, i.e. first cousin once removed or 24th great grandmother
status String Current status of the relationship path search: pending, done, overloaded or not found
Note: Blank fields will not be returned to save bandwidth.