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ייחוס - פראסט.pdf

Konin, Konin County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland

People: Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh 'Charif' Yanover A.B.D. Zülz, Posen, Furth, Avraham Abli Prost, Genendel Chana Prost and 92 others.

King David (-1085 - -1015) - Find A Grave Memorial


King David Burial Site * Jerusalem Yerushalayim (Jerusalem District), Israel

King David Birth: c. -1085 Death: c. -1015 Israelite King. Born in Bethlehem, the youngest of eight sons of Jesse...

People: King David of Israel / דוד המלך

King David's Tomb | Jewish Virtual Library


Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem Archaeological Sites: King David's Tomb

People: King David of Israel / דוד המלך

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