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Berthold Ludwig Barry (Baruch) MP (1901 - d.)

Berthold Baruch MP (c.1853 - 1944)

Residence : New York City, New York USA - Circa 1870* Immigration : Came from Hamburg, Germany on the steamship Cimbria. - Circa Nov 1870* Residence : St. Louis, Missouri USA - Circa 1871* Residence : ...

Berthold Baruch MP (1867 - d.)

Birth record: SOKOLOV 1904 N 1840-1895 (41/102)

Besle Tendlau (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Bessel Sée (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Betie Sander Baruch (Maarsen) MP (1781 - 1855)

Bruidegom: David Benjamin Baruch Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 34 Beroep: kleermaker Vader bruidegom: Benjamin de Jacob Baruch Geslacht: Man Beroep: venter M...

Betje Baruch MP (1933 - 1943)

Betje Baruch was deported to Sobibor in June 1943 from Vught via Westerbork on the so-called children's transport. She was 9 years old when she died. J. de Moei, Joodse kinderen in het kamp Vught (Vu...

Betje Baruch (van Gelder) MP (1879 - 1942)

Bruidegom Abraham Baruch Beroep diamantslijper Geboorteplaats Amsterdam Leeftijd 24 Bruid Betje van Gelder Geboorteplaats Avereest Leeftijd 24 Vader van de bruidegom Israel Baruch Beroep Koopman Moeder...

Betje Baruch MP (1879 - 1942)

Bruidegom: Ephraïm Sigaar Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 37 Beroep: loopknecht Bruid: Betje Baruch Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 35 Vader van de bruidegom: Meijer Salomon Sigaar Moeder van d...

Betta Mulbaum (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Betti Kauders (Baruch) MP (1819 - 1875)

Betty Hurvitz (Baruch) MP (1925 - 2015)

Betty Kauders (Baruch) MP (1818 - 1875)

Betty Landsman (Baruch) MP (1925 - 1996)

Betty Elias (Baruch) MP (b. - 2003)

Betty Baruch (Elsoffer) MP (deceased)

Betty (Blumche) Heymann (Oser or Baruch) MP (deceased)

Beya De Capiluto (baruch) MP (c.1835 - 1935)

Bibitzi Bluma Baruch (Nagyfaludi) MP (1922 - d.)

Binyamin Baruch MP (deceased)

Blanka Baruch MP (deceased)

Bluma Baruch (Daar) MP (1910 - 1965)

Blümle Barbara Baruch (Lebl) MP (1734 - 1797)

Die Inschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band II- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein pg. 503 note 1

Bohora Baruch (Albucar) MP (deceased)

bolisu Baruch MP (deceased)

Brendle Baruch MP (1640 - 1726)

Bromer Baruch MP (1900 - 1944)

Bruno Baruch MP (1872 - d.)

Bruno Baruch MP (1889 - d.)

Birth record Marriage record 1917

Bucca (Oru) Baruch MP (1905 - 1939)

Bucha Baruch MP (b. - 1969)

Buka Baruch MP (deceased)

Buka Baruch (Basan) MP (deceased)

Buka Baruch MP (deceased)

Bukica Zunana (Baruch) MP (1909 - 1941)

Bär Baruch MP (deceased)

Cacilie Haag (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Cäcilie Baruch (Sax) MP (1864 - d.)

Cäcilie Baruch (Jacoby) MP (1877 - d.)

Caduri Baruch MP (deceased)

Cahn Baruch MP (1801 - 1878)

Carl Baruch MP (1865 - 1917)

Carlos Haime Baruch MP (1924 - 2011)

Carmela Ben Baruch (Haimovitch) MP (1933 - 2013)

Caroline Baruch MP (deceased)

Caroline de Botton (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Catharina Elisabeth van Hemert (Baruch) MP (b. - c.1955)

Catherine Baruch (Schulenberg) MP (deceased)

Cecilia (Cecylia) Baruch (Barach) MP (1903 - d.)

Celia Einfeld (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Cella Baruch (Grun) MP (1922 - 2012)

Chabel Landauer (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Chahla Baruch MP (deceased)

Chaim Leib Baruch MP (deceased)

Chaim Zvi Broch (Baruch) (Broch [Wang]) MP (c.1880 - c.1942)

Chaim Baruch MP (deceased)

Chaim Baruch MP (deceased)

Chaim Yefim (Munia) Ben Baruch (Baitchman) MP (1904 - 1975)

Chaim Matzliach Baruch MP (c.1806 - d.)

Chaja Baruch MP (deceased)

Chana Cohen (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Channe Hedwig Baruch (Alexander) MP (1888 - d.)

Charles Baruch MP (1855 - d.)

Charlotte Pollak (Baruch) MP (1793 - 1844)

Charlotte Slowe Mosauer (Baruch) MP (1797 - d.)

Charlotte Baruch (Wermer) MP (1874 - d.)

Charlotte Stern (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Baruch (Kohn) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Rosman (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Stern (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Baruch MP (deceased)

Charlotte Baruch MP (1802 - 1844)

Charlotti Waitzenkorn (Baruch) MP (1820 - d.)

Chava Frankel (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Chava Baruch (Galila) MP (deceased)

Chaya Liubin (Baruch) MP (b. - 1916)

Chris Baruch MP (1948 - 1999)

Chyena Gan Baruch (Kopilevich) MP (deceased)

Cily Baruch MP (deceased)

Claerchen Baruch MP (deceased)

Clara Baruch MP (1876 - 1910)

Clara Baruch MP (deceased)

Clara Baruch (Alaluf) MP (deceased)

Clara Levy (Baruch) MP (1873 - 1939)

Clara Camhi (Baruch) MP (1915 - c.2004)

[from a book by JH & JK:] Clara Barouch married Lewis Camhi on the 3rd of April 1946, in Brooklyn, New York. He was the son of Abraham and Chrysanna Camhi, and was born on the 12th of September 1912 ...

Clara Esther Luttwak (Baruch) MP (1916 - 1981)

Yaarzeit 5 Tamuz

Clara Baruch MP (deceased)

Clara Baruch MP (1925 - 1942)

Clara Baruch was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1925. She was the daughter of Izaac and Alida Baruch (Sichaar). Before and during ww2 she lived in Amsterdam. She was murdered in Auschwitz in 1...

Clara Baruch MP (c.1874 - d.)

Clara Baruch (Prins) MP (1921 - 1987)

Clara Baruch MP (1872 - d.)

Clara Baruch MP (deceased)

Clara Baruch MP (1849 - d.)

Clara Baruch MP (1925 - 1942)

Clarice Pasternack (Baruch) MP (deceased)

Clement (Klemens) Baruch MP (deceased)

Cryssanna Baruch MP (deceased)

Dahud Baruch MP (deceased)

Daizy Dezika Baruch MP (1926 - 1943)

Daniel Baruch MP (1848 - d.)