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Louis II "le Jeune", Emperor of Italy and of the Franks MP (825 - 875)

Louis II "the Younger" of Italy, Emperor of Italy, Emperor of the Franks From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Louis II the Younger[1] (825 – 12 August 875) was the King of Italy from 844 and then ...

Theodrate d'Italie MP (800 - 836)

=====We have alternative to some extent data source: Father Pepin IV, King of Italy b. Apr 773, d. 8 Jul 810 Mother Gundora (Gondres, Theress, Chrothais) Charts Some Descendants of Charlemagne ...

Berthe d'Italie MP (deceased)

Berta Eudocia MP (927 - 949)

Lothaire II d'Italie MP (deceased)

Wandelmode de Vienne (d'Italie) MP (deceased)