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R' Avraham Yosef Itelson MP (c.1807 - d.)

1855 All Lithuania Revision List lists him as a member of his father's household in Viliampole, Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania: Iosel, age 48, with a son Leyzer, age 21. The Unbroken Chain, page 19 Abra...

R' Asher Shemaiah Itelson of Vidzy MP (deceased)

Of Vidzy. The Unbroken Chain, page 19.

Chana Leah Magid (Itelson) MP (deceased)

Wife of Mordechai Magid. Family is from Vilnius but they lived in Viliampole when their two children were born in 1860 and 1820. records for Lithuania.

R' Hanoch Heinich Itelson, A.B.D. Sloboska MP (c.1778 - 1854)

"Genakh son of Leyzer" 1855 All Lithuanian Revision List, listed as having died the year before. Listed in Viliampole, Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania. Age 76 at death. Household: Son: Iosel, age 48 ...

Rivka Amsterdam (Itelson) MP (b. - 1902)

The Unbroken Chain by Neil Rosenstein, The Computer Center for Jewish Genealogy, 1990. Vol. I, page 19 states that R. Amsterdam's wife was the daughter of R. Abraham Joseph Itelson: " G13.1. Wife...

Beile Itelson MP (deceased)

Bella Fridman (Itelson) MP (deceased)

Cecilia Itelson MP (1883 - 1953)

Chaja Itelson MP (deceased)

Chana Itelson MP (deceased)

David Itelson MP (1870 - d.)

Source: Litvak SIG, Lithuanian Births,

Dveire Itelson MP (1862 - d.)

R' Eliezer Meir Itelson MP (deceased)

R' Elijah Zvi Itelson MP (c.1819 - d.)

1874 All Lithuania Revision List give Girsh, age 55, son of Genakh (Hanoch), living in Viliampole, Kaunas, Kaunas, Lithuania. Household: Wife Freya, age 54 Son: Leyzer, age 33 Daughter-in-law...

First Wife Itelson MP (deceased)

Fradel Itelson MP (1872 - d.)

Source: Litvak SIG, Lithuanian Births,

Freida Gurwich MP (b. - 1942)

Genakh Itelson MP (1865 - d.)

Genakh Lev Itelson MP (1868 - d.)

Source: Litvak SIG, Lithuanian Births,

Hadassa Itelson (Wygodzki) MP (deceased)

Isaac Itelson MP (deceased)

Ita Itelson MP (1867 - d.)

Source: Litvak SIG, Lithuanian Births,

Khaya Itelson MP (deceased)

Leah Itelson MP (deceased)

Leib Itelson MP (1871 - d.)

Leyzar Mendel Itelson MP (deceased)

Leyzer Itelson MP (c.1841 - d.)

Living in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1865. Family from Vilnius.

Luiza Itelson MP (c.1869 - d.)

1874 records have a Leah Itelson, age 7, which would make Leah born in 1867. 1898 records have a Luiza Itelson. Note her brother Leyb is "Lev" in 1898 so it may make sense for Leah to be "Luiza".

Masha Itelson MP (c.1872 - d.)

Her name is recorded as "Musa" in 1874 records.

Mina Itelson (Bletter) MP (deceased)

Mina (Bletter) Itelson MP (deceased)

Pulina Itelson MP (c.1877 - d.)

Shapsel Itelson MP (c.1878 - d.)

Shlomo Itelson MP (c.1834 - d.)

Likely from Vilnius. Living in Viliampole near his sister in 1859 and 1862 when his children were born. There's a Reiza Itelzon who married Borukh Fisher in 1882 in Viliampole. I wonder if Reiza is a...

Sora Etla Itelson MP (1859 - d.)

Source: Litvak SIG, Lithuanian Births,

Unknown Daughter #1 Itelson MP (deceased)

Unknown Daughter #2 Itelson MP (deceased)

Vulf (Wolf) Itelson MP (1859 - d.)

Wife of R' Hanoch Heinich Itelson (Slutzki) MP (deceased)

Wife of R' Joshua Heschel Sirkin (Itelson) MP (deceased)

Władek Itelson MP (deceased)

Yakha Lifsha Itelson MP (c.1846 - d.)

Zelman Aizik Itelson MP (1865 - d.)