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Cristalle Lauren Tupas Ranillo MP

Cristalle Lauren Tupas Ranillo is a film and television personality. More here: .

Maria Suzette Sevilla Ranillo MP

Maria Suzzette Sevilla Ranillo is an award-winning performer, on stage and film. She has transitioned to directing and producing. More here: .

Matias Kaper Ranillo MP (1927 - 1969)

Matias Ranillo was a film star in his youth, dubbed as the "King of Visayan Film". He finished his law studies and passed the bar in 1955. He was campaigning for a seat in Congress when he perished in ...

Matias Archibald Sevilla Ranillo MP

Matias Archibald Sevilla Ranillo is better known as "Matt Ranillo III". His most memorable acting role remains to be that of Jesus on stage and film. More here: .

Consolacion Ranillo (deceased)

Matias Castillon Ranillo, Sr. (1898 - 1947)

Matias Castillon Ranillo passed the bar in 1927. He became a judge, a Governor of Zamboanga and a congressman. When was broke, he was a guerilla commander of the province.

Matias Ranillo, Jr. (deceased)

Miguel Ranillo (deceased)

Miguel Ranillo (deceased)

Primitivo Ranillo (deceased)

Primo Ranillo (deceased)

Terang Ranillo (deceased)