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Updated on June 24, 2014

The privacy of you and your family is important to Geni. You can find our full privacy policy below. Below you will find a simple explanation of Geni's privacy model as well as the full privacy policy. Here's how it works:

You can think of the profiles in your tree as being divided into two groups: private profiles and public profiles. Each time you add a profile to your tree, it is automatically assigned to one of the groups. Private profiles are intended for living relatives and minors. Public profiles are intended for deceased relatives and public figures.

Private Profiles Public Profiles
Who is in each group? Living Relatives
Deceased Relatives
Presumed Deceased Relatives
Public Figures
Who can view profiles? You
Your Family Group
Geni Curators
Geni Employees
Who can edit profiles? You
Your Family Group
Geni Curators
Geni Employees
Your Collaborators
Your Relatives
Geni Curators
Geni Employees

Tree Privacy

Only the people in your family group can view your tree.

Profile Privacy

  • By default, only your Family Group, Geni Curators and Geni Employees can see your full profile.
  • You can block specific relatives from viewing your full profile or messaging you.
  • You can further restrict what information appears on your profile in your account settings.

Search Privacy

  • By default, the names of users are publicly searchable, but you can opt out in your account settings. (Your search result includes only your name and, optionally, your profile photo.)
  • Living relatives are hidden from public search.
  • Minors under 13 are never searchable by anyone outside your tree.

Email Privacy

  • We will not provide any user's personal information to advertisers or third parties. This includes your email address and the email addresses of those you invite.
  • We will not spam you or your relatives. Detailed notification settings allow you to control which emails you receive from us.

Geni Curators

Geni Curators are volunteer Geni users granted special privileges by Geni to help maintain and improve the quality and accuracy of the Geni World Family Tree. Geni Curators are specially selected based on their integrity and the quality of their work on Geni. Candidate Curators undergo a nomination and voting process. Accepted Geni Curators are formally appointed and, like Geni Employees, they sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the company to ensure they protect data confidentiality. Geni Curators have the ability, at a user’s request, to assist the user in merging and correcting errors in their tree, including the user’s own profile and those of close relatives.

Geni Employees

Geni Employees have full access to all data on Geni. They use this access if requested by users in order to provide customer support, check abuse complaints, resolve problems and generally assist users in their usage of Geni.