Geni Code of Conduct

Geni is a collaborative genealogy site where you are encouraged to communicate with other users, volunteer curators and Geni employees via public discussions and private inbox messages. All users are expected to be respectful and courteous.


Be respectful at all times
Show patience and understand that most mistakes are not intentional
Stay on topic – Geni is about family history and genealogy
Provide sources to support your claims
Recognize that many users are new, and may need your encouragement and guidance
Respect the privacy of others (even recently deceased)
Have fun and enjoy discovering more about your family tree!


Harass, bully, "troll" or instigate conflict
Abuse, threaten, personally attack or defame others
Post spam, obscene or defamatory material
Post information that you know is false or misleading
Post private information about living or recently deceased people without permission
Contact users, curators or employees outside of Geni (unless invited to do so)
Violate Geni’s Terms of Use

You may not agree with what others perceive to be a violation of our Code of Conduct, but members must comply with Geni staff decisions. Violating the Geni Code of Conduct may result in warnings, deletion of content, temporary or permanent restrictions from some Geni features, and/or temporary or permanent suspension of your Geni account.