Peter Peterson Yocum, II (1653 - 1701)

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Birthplace: Aronameck,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA
Death: Died in Wicaco,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania,USA
Managed by: Victor Ellsworth Welker
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About Peter Peterson Yocum, II

Peter Petersson, born in 1652, grew up in a household where his closest friend was his half-brother, John Hansson Steelman, born in 1655. Both became Indian traders with John Hans Steelman becoming a big-time operator, establishing trading posts in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Peter, however, remained at Aronameck, which became his own in 1681 when Hans Månsson, having moved to New Jersey, sold the tract to Peter Petersson Yocum, the new surname which Peter had adopted. It was derived, of course, from his father's patronymic. The new spelling can be blamed on the English clerks. Although many spelling variations are to be found, the surname became standardized as Yocum, except among descendants of Jonas, who chose the Yocom spelling.

Peter Petersson Yocum was married c. 1675 to Judith, daughter of Jonas Nilsson. Aside from farming and trading with the Indians, Peter also served as an Indian interpreter for William Penn in the negotiation of new treaties and owned a small gristmill on Mill Creek, a creek just south of present Woodlands Cemetery. He died in 1702 and by his will asked to be buried at Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia. His widow Judith moved to Berks County with two of her younger sons. She died at Manatawny in Berks County in 1727 and is buried at St. Gabriels Church in Douglassville.

Peter Petersson Yocum and Judith Jonasdotter Nilsson had ten children:

Peter Yocum, born 1677, died 1753 in Upper Merion Township; married Elizabeth; one surviving son. Måns Yocum, born 1678, died 1722 at Aronameck in Kingsessing; married Margaret Boon; no children. Catharine Yocum, born 1681, died 1723; married Swan Justis; 5 children. Charles Yocum, born. 1682, died 1741, Kingsessing; married Ann Supplee; one son and one daughter. Swan Yocum, born 1685, died 1758, Kingsessing; married Joanna Collins; two surviving sons. Julia Yocum, born 1687, not traced. Jonas Yocum, born 1689, died 1760, Douglass Township, Berks County; married Hannah Enochson; survived by two sons and three daughters. Anders Yocum, born 1693, died after 1734, Kingsessing; married Elizabeth Trollup; survived by one son and three daughters. John Yocum, born 1696, died 1727, Berks County; never married. Maria Yocum, born c. 1699; married William Morgan.


1. Peter Stebbins Craig and Henry Wesley Yocom, Yocums of Aronameck in Philadelphia, 1648 - 1702, The (National Genealogical Quarterly Vol. 71 No. 3 December 1983), pg. 247, 249-50, 257-63, 263-. NOTE: Swedish Colonial News Vol. 1 No. 15 (Spring 1997) ?updated version??.

"There is sufficient documentation of the patrilineal live to establish without a doubt that Peter Jochimson was the father of Peter Peterson Yocum and that the latter was indeed the father of the ten children attributed to him. Considerable confusion has existed, however, about the identity of the wives of Peter and his father. Peter Peterson Yocum was born sometime during the twelve months ending in May 1653 as shown by the fact that Lasse Dalbo's tax return, due May 1683, identifies Yocum as then being 30 years old. His death occurred between 2 May 1702, when Rev. Bjork, pastor of Holy Trinity Church at Christina (Wilimington), paid him six pounds at the request of John Hanson Steelman, and 4 Jun 1702, when Yocum's will was proved in Philadelphia. Authors of published Yocum genealogies erroneously deduced that Peter Peterson Yocum's wife was Judith Hance because of his will named as co-ececutors "my brother John Hance" and "my loving wife Judith". The authors apparently concluded that John Hance was Judith's brother, not Peter's. Inquiry would have shown them that "John Hance" was actually Captain John Janson Steelman, the famous Indian trader, who was in fact Peter Peterson Yocum's half brother.

.... At the time of his marriage to Judith, eldest daughter of Jonas and Gertrude Milsson, about 1675, Peter Yocum was known simply as Peter Peterson meaning that he was the son of Peter. Under this name he obtained a warrant with Casper Fish to settle on a 500 acre tract of land known by the Indiana name "Pimmeepahks", etymologized to "Pennypack" a tract which was surveyed for Peter Peterson and Casper Fish 22 October 1675 and for which a patent was issued on 13 May 1679. Peter's 250 acre share of this tract later described as "Pennipeck" was surrendered by Peter Yocum to William Penn by 1684 in exchange for a warrant for 500 acres in "Laetitia Penn's Manor" (Upper Merion township Montgomery county, Pa.). acreage which Peter Peterson Yocum described as "Mattsunk" in his will. Peter Peterson had adopted his surname by 13 November 1677 when he appears as "Peter Jockum" in a petition to the court and on the list of tyables in the Upland Court jurisdiction....

No records have been found to show that Peter Peterson Yocum had any contact with his younger half-brothers after they moved from the Aronameck planation to New Jersey around 1681. These younger half-brothers, the sons of Hans Mansson and Ella Steelman, included Charles Hanson Steelman,... Peter Peterson Yocum, like his father Peter Jochimson, his brother John Hanson Steelman, his father-in-law Jonas Nilsson and his grandfather Olof Stille, was on very cordial terms with the native Indians of the Delaware River valley. He was fluent in their languages.....was called upon by WIlliam Penn to serve as interpreter and to witness treaties with the neighboring Delaware Indians confirming Pebb's title to land for his new colony. Thus on 15 July 1682 Yocum witnesses an Indian treaty confirming to Penn lands between the Falls of the Delaware and Neshaminy Creek. A year later, on 14 July 1683, he witnessed two Indian treaties, one confirming Penn's right to all lands between Conshohocken on the Schuylkill River and Pennypack Creek and the other confirming Penn's ownership between Conshohocken and Chester Creek. Later, on 5 July 1691, he witnessed an agreement with the Indians confirming Penn's ownership of lands between Chester Creek and Duck Creek in present day Delware......

Title to the Aronameck plantation west of the Schuylkill was convyed by Hans Mansson to Peter Yocum by deed dated 29 April 1681. On the next day Peter conveyed 270 acres to Jonas Nilsson, his father-in-law. On 2 May 1681 he deeded another 200 acres to Nils Jonasson, his wife's eldest brother... Peter Yocum was one of the first targeted Swedes to reach agreement with the new government. His Aronamck plantation west of the Schuylkill was not wanted, but his lands at Pennypack (Tacony) were.... On 21 August 1682 Peter Peterson Yocum negotiated the sale of another 100 acres of his Aronameck holdings to William Clayton Jr.....

On 28 June 1683 William Penn issued a warrant for the resurvey of lands belonging to the "antient inhabitants", which in the case of Peter Peterson Yocum meant two surveys at Aronameckl; one for the 580 acres he retained and one made 26 May 1684 for the 100 acres previously sold to William Clayton..... On 23 January 1686 Peter Yocum further reduced his Aronameck holdings by selling another 130 acres, bordering on Robert Longshore to the south, to his father-in-law Jonas Nielson....

Peter Yocum and his wife Judith appear to have lived at Aronameck through out their married life. Although Peter had land elsewhere - at Pennypack Creek, at Matsunk in Upper Merion, at White Clay Creek in Delaware, and for a short time at Cinnaminson, West New Jersey - there is no evidence that he ever lived at any of these other locations...

Apparently Peter was "land poor" and, commencing in the middle of 1690's was forced to convert some of his land holdings into cahs. On 20 June 1694 he sold 53 acres to Aronameck to Peter Justis. The "Hopeyard" on White Clay Creek, home of his widowed sister Elizabeth Ogle, was mortgaged in 1695. On 10 March 1697 he sold another 50 acres of his Aronameck lands to Andrew Supplee....

On 24 November 1697 he sold almost two acres of meadowland at Aronameck to Andrew Rambo....

Penn had promised him 500 acres from his daughter Laetitia Penn's tract in present Upper Merion township, Montgomery county, in exchange for the surrender of his land at Pennypack. The new land was twice surveyed but no patent was issued. All Peter possessed was a warrant dated 4 Aug 1684 promising him 500 acres... On 4 April 1700 Peter Peterson Yocum signed his will, drafted for him by Benjamin Chambers, who was one of the witnesses....

Peter Yocum's will was proved 4 June 1702. He probalbly died about a week before. Whether he was buried at Gloria Dei Church at Wiaco as his will directed has not been verified.... The Proprietary [WIlliam Penn] by his warrant, dated 4, 6 mo. [August], 1684, granted to Peter Yocum 500 acres of land at 1/2 pence per acre, whom Thomas Homle, Surveyor General, ordered land to be laid out on the west side Skuylkill above all the Welsh Townships, not interfering with the 12 miles square belonging to Ralph Fretwell, and accordingly was surveyed by David Powell, but fell within part of that tract appropriated to Laetitia Penn in right of her orginal purchase of 5,000 acres, which tract included divers other lesser quantities before surveyed to ther persons. The Proprietary ordered that the lesser quantities should be confirmed to these persons, and accordingly Samuel Carpenter and James Logan, attorneys for the trustees of William Aubrey [husband of Laetitia Penn] are to confirm the said land, 2500 acres thereof to Jno. Hughs, to whom Peter Yocum in his lifetime sold the same and the othe 250 acres to the said Peter's children to whom , by will, he left the same...."

2. Scothorn Genealogy, pg. 112, 113.

"Peter Joackim [Jochim, Jochem], a native of Schleswig, arrived in New Sweden on the ship Orn and was a soldier at Ft. Elfsborg 1644-1648 and a freeman of the colony 1654-1655. While on a mission for the colony, he died in Nieuw Amsterdam in Sept 1655. He appears to be the father of Peter Jocom & John Hance Yocom.....

Peter Petterson Jocom (as he is named in a deed of 1681) apparently was born in America 1654 (since the lost of residents of New Sweden, 31 May 1693, specifies those born in old Sweden) and died in the spring of 1702 (buried at the Swedish church of WIcaco). There are many papers containing his name, first in the court of Upland [present Chester co., Penna.], later in the Welsh tract, where he settled 1693.

He married c. 1676 Judith [?Jonasdatter], who appears to be the daughter of Jonas Nilsson (b. 1621 & d. 16910, since Jonas Nilson deeded land to Julia Jocomb 1705; Nils Jonassson witnessed the will of Peter Yocom; and Peter Yocum sold 270 acres to Jonas Nilsson, who willed it to sons Mounce Jones, Niels Jones, and ANdreas Jones (confirmed 21 May 1707).

The will of Peter Yocum of Aronamink, Kingsessing [southwest of Philadelphia, on the Delaware], dated 4 Feb. 1702 & proved 4 Jun 1702, names his wife Judith (d. Amity twp Berks co., Penna 17270; his brother John Hance; and seven sons: Charles, Peter, Mounce, Swen, Jonas, Andrew, John. Other children: Catherine, Mary (m. ___ Morgan)."

3. H. C. Smith, M.D., History of The Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum Family and Others However the Name is Spelled and to Their Spouses ....., 1963, pg. XXX, XXI, 4-5.

"Notes on Anderson, etc. Yocum, etc. By Isaac C. Sutton pg. 87 - "Peter's, son, Peter, lived on the East Bank of Schuykill south of Wissahickon. He married Judith Hance and died in 1702. In 1684 Thomas Holmes made a report on the land owned by the Swedes to WIlliam Penn and Peter Jacumbe owned 400 acres, with 10 of them cleared. William Penn issued him a patent dated 22 Jan. 1684 at the time Peter II was 30 years of age, and he was the son of the original Peter who died 29 years before. Peter II gave 50 gelders for the support of Rev. Joseph Fabritius pastor of Gloria Dei (Old Swedes) Church, built in 1677. The church records show he resided in Nitapkung which is same as Nittabakonck at the Falls of the Schuykill. Peter's wife was Judith (or Julia? H. C. S.) and his children were: Peter 3rd, Mounts, Catherine, Charles, Swan, Julia, Jonas, Andrew, John, Mary and an adopted Indian boy. On 13 Nov. 1677 Peter Yocum II, was one of a group of settlers who petitioned the court at Upland, (Chester) for privilege of establishing a town on the west bank of the Delaware River below the Falls (Trenton) petition not granted.... Abst. of Wills, Philadelphia pg. 252 "Peter Yocum of 'Arunnamink in the township of Kingsesin' names wife Judith, Children: Peter, Charles, Mounce, Swan, Jonas, ANdres, John. Daughter whose name is not given. Desired to be buried at 'Wicoco'. Executors: wife Judith and 'brother' John Hance. Dated 4th 2nd mo 1700; proved 4 Jun 1702. Wits: Benjamin Chambers. Nils Johneson and Jonas Brustrom.".....

( Peter); Peter Peterson Yocum 1654-1702; m. ca 1677 Judith Hance (? 2/4/1727 in Philadelphia co., Pa.; John Hance + ). Born 1654 in New Sweden, now Philadelphia, Pa., being listed as aged 30 in January 1684. In the 1684 returns of Lawrence Dalboe, he listed Peter Yocumbe, 30 years old with 400 acres of land in Philadelphia county, Pa., in South Wissakickin (Arch. of Pa. V. 7 pg. 107) and the same year. 1684, Thomas Haline made a report on land owned by the Swedes to WIlliam Peen and reported Peter Jacumbe as owning 400 acres, etc. (Isaac C. Sutton account.). On 10 August 1684, Peter Yochem and Gunnar Rambo ere elected wardens of the Wicacao Swedish Lutheran Church." (Arch of Pa. V7 pg. 105). On 18 April 1791, Peter was a member of Capt. Jonathan Ruecastle's Company in an expedition against the Indians. On 29 April 1661, a deed to land was granted to Peter Peterson Yocum. In 1702, the wife of Charles Saunders gave a release of mortgage on land bought of Andrew Rambo, recites the grant of land in 1684 to Peter Yocum for land on the west side of the Schuylkill River, in Kingsessing township. Also, Peter is mentioned in Andres Swansoooon's will Peter's will, No. 76, written 4 February 1700 and probated 4 Jun 1702, bequeaths to his wife Judith; to children: Peter, Charles, Mounce (Moses), Swan, Jonas, Andres and John and a daughter name not given. Executor, 'Brother' John Hance. [had:] Petter II 1677-1753 resided in Upper Merion, Phila. co.; Moses, Mounce or Mouns 1679-? no other data; Catherine 1682-?; Charles 1683-?; Swan 1686-? resided in Kingsessing twp., Phila co., Pa; Judith 1688-?; Jonas 1690-? resided in Manatawny twp., Phila. co. Pa.; Andrew 1694-?; John 1696-?; Mary 1696-? name supplied by Isaac C. Sutton; Indian boy adopted supplied by Isaac Sutton."

4. Irene R. Fertig Jost with Roberta R. Jost Trapp, Yocum-Rizor Families (1985), pg. 23-5.

"Peter Peterson Yocum, born 1654 lived near Nittabakonck, the indian name for the place of heroes, on the east bank of the Sckylkill RIver. In 1677 he was among the group of settlers who petitioned to establish a town on the west bank of the Delaware. This petition was denied and later WIlliam Penn built Pennsbury, his home, in this area...In 1698 Peter Peterson Yocum and his family are entered as members in the church records of the Old Swedes Church (Gloria Dei) now in Philadelphia. Their residence is given as "Nittabakonck at the Falls of the Schylkill". 

....Peter Peterson Yocum's family included: Julia (Judith) Hance, his wife; and these children: Peter 3rd; Mounts (Mounce, Moses), Catherine, Charles, Swan, (Sven), Julia, Jonas, Andrew, John, Mary, and an adopted Indiana boy. The next generation is buried in Old Christ Church Cemetery located in Swedland, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania......"

5. John Hill Martin, Esq. (Philadelphia, 1877), Chester (and its vicinity) Delaware county in Pennsylvania (Family Tree - County and Family Histories of Pa. 1740 - 1900 CD #193, V193_02), pg. 17-9. In list of Swedish families from Clay's Annals; see also Acrelius' History of New Sweden.

6. Records of Ann E. Hunter, Ann E. Hunter,

"Dr. Craig writes Peter grew up in a household where his closest friend was his half-brother John Hansson Steelman born in 1655. Both became Indian traders with Steelman becoming a big-time operator, establishing trading posts in Maryland and Pennsylvania. Peter however remained at Aronameck which became his own in 1681 when Hans Mansson sold the tract to Peter Petersson Yocum the new surname which Peter had adopted. It was derived of course from his father's patronymic. The new spelling can be blamed on the English clerks. Although many spelling variations are to be found the surname became standardized as Yocum except among descendants of Jonas who chose the Yocom spelling. Peter was a farmer and traded with the Indians and he also was an Indiana interpreter for William Penn in the negotiation of new treaties and owned a small grist mill on Mill Creek just south of the present Woodlands Cemetery. Peter in his will asked to be buried at Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia."

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