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Recht (deceased)

Died in childbirth of Helen;

? Recht (deceased)

Aagje de Recht (1794 - 1877)

Aaron Ber Recht (b. - 1916)

Aaron Ber Recht (b. - 1868)

Aaron Ber Dov Recht (b. - 1916)

Adele Brownstein Recht (1916 - 2007)

Adolf Recht (1889 - d.)

Adriaan Leendertse de Recht (1704 - 1773)

Adriaan Marinusz. de Recht (1683 - 1760)

Albert Recht (deceased)

Albert Recht (deceased)

Albert Recht (deceased)

Alexander Recht (c.1840 - d.)

Alfred Recht (c.1853 - 1898)

Alfred Recht (b. - 1936)

Amalia Recht (Fahrer) (deceased)

An Weges-Recht (Helde) (1843 - d.)

An Luik (Weges-Recht) (1868 - d.)

Anna de Recht (b. - 1706)

Anna Böhm (Recht) (deceased)

Anna Westerveld (de Recht) (deceased)

Anna Margarethe Recht (1838 - 1916)

Anna Dorothea Recht (1811 - d.)

Anna Recht (1877 - d.)

Anna de Recht (deceased)

Anna Katharina Recht (Geiger) (1667 - 1746)

Annie Recht (Tepper) (1901 - 1980)

No one, including her only daughter, knew her as Annie Tepper. She went through life as Betty Tepper. Her daughter never even heard of Annie Tepper until seeing her birth certificate after Annie had pa...

Annie Recht (deceased)

Antonie Recht (Königsgarten) (1822 - d.)

Arij de Recht (deceased)

Armin Recht (deceased)

Arnold Recht (deceased)

Arthur Recht (deceased)

Arthur Recht (1856 - 1909)

Aurelia Recht (Lutz) (1673 - 1727)

Balcia Bela Bainwol Recht (Spiegel) (c.1885 - 1941)

Barbara Kahn (Recht) (1938 - 2003)

Bayla Mandel (Mandelker) (Recht) (c.1887 - 1959)

Bayla Chava Himel (Recht) (b. - 1951)

Bella Recht (Tennenbaum) (deceased)

Bella Tannenbaum Recht (deceased)

Ben Recht (deceased)

Beril Aron Dov Recht (1904 - 1966)

Bernice (Brindel) Zelinger (Recht) (deceased)

Betty Cohen (Recht) (deceased)

Bilha/Bela Chava (deceased)

Carl Recht (deceased)

Carl Recht (c.1910 - c.2000)

Catherine Recht (Schmitt) (deceased)

Celia Feige Recht (Luman) (deceased)

Chaim Recht (deceased)

Chaim Hersch Recht (deceased)

Chaim Mordechai Recht (deceased)

Chaim Mordechai Recht (deceased)

Chan Leah Recht (Fishbein) (deceased)

Chana Recht (deceased)

Charlotte Recht (Löwenstein) (deceased)

Chaya Sura Milburg (Recht) (1849 - d.)

Chil Recht (1896 - 1942)

Child Recht (deceased)

Chrétien Recht (deceased)

Claes de Recht (c.1545 - d.)

Claes de Recht (deceased)

Claes Marinusz. de Recht (c.1681 - 1731)

Claes Jacobse de Recht (c.1600 - 1673)

Clara Tassker (Recht) (1844 - d.)

Wedding record 201:

Clara Davidson (Recht) (1869 - 1937)

Cornelis de Recht (1645 - d.)

David Recht (b. - c.1921)

David Recht (c.1921 - d.)

David ? Recht (deceased)

David Recht (deceased)

Devorah Keller (Recht) (deceased)

Doba Wajsblum (Recht) (deceased)

Dobra Recht (Plattner) (deceased)

Dolores Recht (deceased)

Dorota Recht (deceased)

Dorothy M. Plaut (Recht) (1905 - 1995)

Dr. Siegmund Alexander Schlossmann (Jurist, o. Professor für römisches Recht in Kiel) (1844 - 1909)

According to Rudolf Haas as translated by Helen Medak: "Prof. at the University in Bonn (criminal law) and Rector Magnificus lately in Kiel. Two daughters were married to Naval Officers. I met this...

Edith Reht (Recht) (1902 - 1920)

Edna Froelich (Recht) (deceased)

Elisabeth Ferring (Recht) (deceased)

Elisabeth de Ronde (van der Recht) (deceased)

Emilie Recht (Adelberg) (1864 - 1940)

Emma Recht (Weisl) (1843 - 1915)

emma recht (deceased)

Emma Recht (Jellinek) (deceased)

Erna Ehrenfreund (Recht) (1889 - d.)

Erna Ehrenfreundova was born in 1889. During the war she was deported with Transport Co from Uhersky brod to Terezin on 27/01/1943. Deported with Transport Cu from Terezin to Auschwitz on 01/02/1943. E...

Erna Recht (Weiss) (1902 - d.)

Residence: fled to France, after WW-2 to Canada Erna RECHT, née WEISS: b. 25 Aug 1902, Wien - d. ? Basic birth data from IKG-Wien Archives courtesy of 71372 1902 2083 1...

Ernestine Recht (Leide) (deceased)

Ernst Recht (deceased)

Esther Pober (Esther Recht) (b. - 1984)

Eugenie Elise Weges-Recht (1897 - d.)

Europe Recht (deceased)

Eva Ádám (Recht) (deceased)

Eveline Recht (1876 - d.)

Ewa Betty Wachsman (Recht) (1884 - d.)

Faiga Hudesa Klainmic (Recht) (1851 - d.)

Fannie Recht (deceased)