20yo Henry as a American-Hessian Soldier?

Started by Thomas J Teters on Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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11/1/2011 at 5:08 AM

From Linda White_S. Texas
" Henry's birthplace is listed as Hesse-Cassel, Branderburg, Prussia (also noted Deutschland) ....all in Germany. ...born in 1765...so he was abt 9 yrs old when the American Revolution took place here....so he wasn't part of the Hessian army that helped the English during that war. He lived in the Philadelphia area in 1789 when his son John was born....then moved to Ohio after 1801. Died in 1823 ....so he might have been in his 30s when arriving in America. His wife, Roseannah, was born in Greene, PA in 1768.....many of my ancestors came from Greene cty."

I would say that he either had a memory problem in his later days and was thinking perhaps about stories from his youth (father?) or he may have been born in 1756, which would have made him 20 and prime age to fight the war in 1776. He obviously was born in Deutschland, so , would he have come over here and become a Hessian? Sounds a little fishy.

11/1/2011 at 6:45 AM

Have you found that he was born in 1756? If he was in his 20s, could he have come to the US to fight with England in the Revolution ...and just stayed here after the world? I really don't know....just speculating. Hopefully, we can find info to piece this together....a US Census would help to establish his age.

Sue Draper
1/15/2012 at 7:42 PM

I see Brandenburg an der Havel as a new birthplace. Has this been documented? If so, a more specific birthdate should be known.

On a recent visit to St. Louis County Library I discovered some resources on "Hessian" soldiers who stayed behind in America, also available at Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania (http://library.fandm.edu/archives/jsha.php#research) and other libraries (search titles at worldcat.org for a library near you).

Considering that "Hessian" is a broad term for these soldiers, I searched for names that looked like Henry Teter in the Clifford Neal Smith series. I saw nothing close in the lists from Hessen-Hanau or Ansbach and Bayreuth, but in the Brunswick list there was a Heinrich Diedrichs, age 18 in 1780, born in Braunschweig, who deserted from Saratoga in 1777. I scanned all the pages of this booklet for future research. I can send it via e-mail to anyone who is interested, but I obviously have no copyright so I would ask that it not be republished online. Tracing the author/publisher to get permission or to encourage them to post it is low on my to-do list at the moment.

Perhaps if Henry has been found on the 1790 census, the names of others who are listed as deserters from Saratoga 1777, or who were born in Braunschweig (several of whom were identified as being "in the service of the enemy"), could also be sought on the 1790 census to see if they became neighbors.

The Johannes Schwalm Historical Association looks like a good resource, but their Hessian Registry hasn't been updated since 2004. Their page of guidelines for researching these soldiers is http://jsha.org/jshaprim.htm

1/16/2012 at 6:37 AM

Hi Sue, no I have not documented Teters birthplace or date. To date I have not done any extensive research in libraries etc. All of my info has come from internet research, so while it is a good start, it isn't the final conclusion. Thank you for the interesting information you shared with us.
I find it all so interesting & hope to someday have the time to do more detailed research on these ancestors. In the meantime, thank you for sharing the good info you have found. Linda

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