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(This was sent to me by my cousin Jane Adams Lloyd. I hope those who are doing research into the Thompson family that this may be of some help.)

Source: Sept. 18, 2010. Cindy Butch, 1673 Tillman Street, Rock Hill, 29730, SC, also a Thompson descendant.

The name of this old Scottish clan is derived from MacTavish, sometimes written as MadThamais or MacTommie. The spelling of the name as Thompson was found most frequently in Argyllshire, although in the east it appears as Thomson.
Among the earliest srttlers bearing this name were Anthony, William and John Thompson who arrived in Boston, Mass., on June 26, 1637. Early American historical records indicate the many contributions members of this family made in the development of our nation.
Researchers believe Thomas Thompson of Sandwich, County Kent, England was the progenitor of the family. A merchant, he married a Mansfield. A family crest, or coat-of-arms, was granted to Thomas in 1600. His children were Henry, Anne and Thomas.
Thomas's sons Henry had three sons: John, Anthony and William, all of whom came to America with a group organized by the Rev. John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton on board the ship Hector arriving in Boston, Mass,. June 26, 1637.
In April, 1638, they settled in the area that is now New Haven, Conn. Anthony Thompson, who is believed to be the American forerunner of the family tree was listed September 1, 1640, as living in the New Haven area and having a family of four. He was a member of a band of soldiers organized to protect settlers from Indians.
Anthony married first in England. His second wife's name was Catherine. (After their 3 children were born and after Anthony died in Connecticut Sept., 1648, Catherine married Nicholas Camp.) Anthony's first marriage's children were John, Anthony & Bridget. His second marriage children were Hannah, Lydia & Ebenezer.
Anthony's sons, John Thompson 2nd, who was born in England before the family came to America in 1637 was called Mainer. He was born in 1632 and was frequently mentioned in deeds and other documents as owning land in New Haven. He married Anne Vicars August 4, 1656. Their children were John, Anne, Joseph, Samuel, Sarah, William and Mary. John died in New Haven June 2, 1707. His son, John Thompson, Jr., is thought to be the ancestor of the Norwood branch of the family, having lived in Stanly Co., about 1 1/2 mi. from the present town of Norwood on a bluff overlooking Little Cedar Creek near Rocky River. He is buried beside the road near the river not far from the old mill there. His grave is unmarked.

1. Thomas Thompson, b. 15--, merchant, Sandwich, County Kent, England, believed to be the progenitor of the family
m. -- Mansfield
2. Henry Thompson, b. Kent, England, arrived Boston, Mass. 6/26/1637 aboard
ship Hector
m. ----
3. John Thompson, b. 16--. England, arrived Boston, Mass., 6/26/1637 on ship
Hector, settled in New Haven, CT.
3. Anthony Thompson, b. 16--, England, arrived Boston, Mass., 6/26/1637, on
ship Hector, settled in New Haven, CT. d. 9/--/1648.
m. (1st wife) -- England
4. John Thompson (called Mariner), b. England 1632 d. 6/2/1707 New
Haven, CT.
m. 8/4/1656 Anne Vicars
5. John Thompson, Jr., thought to be the ancestor of the Norwood
branch of the family.
5. Anne Thompson
5. Joseph Thompson
5. Samuel Thompson
5. Sarah Thompson
5. William Thompson
5. Mary Thompson
4. Anthony Thompson
4. Bridget Thompson
(2nd wife of Anthony) Catherine ---
4. Hannah Thompson.
4. Lydia Thompson
4. Ebenezer Thompson
(After death of Anthony Thompson Catherine married Nicholas Camp)
3. William Thompson, b. 16--, England, arrived Boston, Mass., 6/26/1637, on ship
Hector, settled in New Haven, CT.
2. Anne Thompson
2. Thomas Thompson

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Note: There is a huge gap in the genealogy from Thomas Thompson to Benjamin R. Thompson 1832-1912. I am hoping someone will be able to connect their Thompson tree to mine.

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If you could post the links for the Geni profiles I'll take a look. Unfortunately I am constrained without that as there are quite a few Thompson profiles in "search" on Geni.

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Am not sure if this will work or not but here goes: http://www.geni.com/family-tree#5357832098950023497

I did find a John Thompson who was Benjamin R. Thompson's father. If this doesn't work I will post the line on here. I do appreciate the help. Thank you much.

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Thank you so much for this information. There's so much to read and discover. I appreciate your help.

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Marianne you could add the 1850 census to John and his son Benjamin's profile as documents. It's available here:


And John's profile is here that you made: http://www.geni.com/people/John-Thompson

My bet is your Thompson's immigrated via the Southern route, not from Connecticut. But prove me wrong!

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Wow, that is so great! Thank you so much for this. This so great. Thank you again.

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