Colonel Richard "the Immigrant" Lee I - Richard Lee 1st " The Emigrant"

Started by Carol Kenner-Harrington on Friday, July 13, 2012
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7/13/2012 at 6:01 AM

I'm sorry but This is not correct... Richard Lee 1st is not my 10th cousin 9 times removed...

This is my descent from Richard Lee and Anne Constable : I am descended from their daughter, Elizabeth "Betsy" Lee

Richard Lee 1st
Elizabeth "Betsy" Lee
Hannah Howson
Howson Francis Kenner
George T. Kenner
Rodham Kenner
Beverly S. Kenner
John Howson Kenner
Charles M. Kenner
Harry H. Kenner
Carol A. Kenner Harrington " This is known as the Kenner Line"

* Richard Lee's line flows to the Kenner family of Virginia through his daughter, Elizabeth who married Leonard Howson

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Kenner Harrington

7/13/2012 at 3:41 PM

Carol - don't take it too personally - with all the users on geni, things like this happen all the time. Just 2 days ago I had to ask for help because a new pro user deleted one of my Lee lines, added a wife and several children to one of my 5th grat Lee grand fathers. This is not the first time, and you will find this happens on other lines too. My advise - go up your tree til you find the error on your Lee ancestor, look at the "activity" and see what happened. If you can't find the problem there is Erica Howton the curator who is excellent with helping and is familiar with the Lee lineage also. The Lee line gets messed up all the time because it is such a complicated lineage and a lot of people want to be related, they also assume if there is a Le surname it is of the LOV's.

7/13/2012 at 5:37 PM

Hi Carol Kenner-Harrington

We are 16th cousins through Elizabeth Kenner

Would it be possible for you to post a link to the Geni profile that looks incorrect to you? Just copy and paste the URL (the www.geni xxx) from the address bar into a message on this discussion.

My thanks.

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