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Started by Alice Zoe Marie Knapp on Thursday, March 14, 2013
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3/14/2013 at 9:32 PM

I added George William Nulton and later discovered that he wasn't 100, but died on the same day as he was born. I'm not quite sure how to remove a profile once it has been added. Thank you for your help


3/14/2013 at 9:46 PM

Alice Zoe Marie Knapp I removed him. You remove the same way you add, just click on the black X on the project and save.

3/14/2013 at 9:51 PM

It's a little obscure. From the profile:

Actions menu > Add to Projects > I should come up with an X to remove it, but it doesn't for me. Thats odd.

SO I could do it the long way around.

From or Projects » Centenarians » Profiles

Scroll through the pages to find him - and then on the right, "remove from project."

and I give up already.

Alice, maybe because you're the manager & I'm not? Can you try my method & report back?

Private User
3/15/2013 at 3:00 AM

Some personal thoughts about this QUESTION & ANSWER question…

* Job Waterreus - Wouter De Boeck & other collegue-lectores and geni-friends,
* c.c. : Erica Howton - Eldon Lester Clark

WARNING: do NOT read it if you do not like some PHYLO-SOPHY !!

Removing a ProFILE from a ProJECT is —like so many technical aspects of using this magnificent Geni-system— 'NOT for DUMMIES', for it makes a big difference if you are:

x. Curator, with all the benefits of the doubt or trust to give<>ask a favour, in this case removing without damaging the whole Big-Tree-Construction

y. Initiator of the project and in mutual communication with the manager of the profile by co-operation a/o col-laboration

z. Initiator of the project, but NOT in communication with the manager of the profile to be added of removed

a. Col-LABORator in the project and Unique or CO-manager of the profile

2. NON-pro member, dependant of the willingness, time and friendship of other users a/o co-operatores, col-laboratores or volonteer curatores to help you out. Some curatores seem to have no time at all to spent on questions they do not like; Eldon & Isabeau here are really very good ambassadors of their -volunteer- assignment. Thank you both, but not all members are able to find a coach like you to help them out in their native language. Germans f.e. are very difficult to find on Geni as collegues~members, maybe due to the fact a lot of them became shy to speak American....? (quite a long period Dutch people refused to talk German even with big spending tourists in the years after 'the' war). And Dutch people need so urgently their German neighbours to assist them in tracing their genealogical roots on the other side of our east-bounderies!

1. PRO-client, paying monthly for the feature to merge and search for other profiles to compare all information to decide Y/N 'mergable' and by that able to solve very many 'problems' with a less destructive approach than deleting... I'd rather be a member with adult democratical rights than a client. Even doctors call be client nowadays, can you imagine how 'poor' that feels when you have a short deficit? It excludes many global citizens of using the extending knowledge this platform can provide about history and the origine of your nature or nurture.

0. GENI-Staff member who can see more than any curator about how we use or mis-use this system to approach our —genealogical ?— objectives and authorised to interventions. BTW, by whom? The shareholders or the ---not voluntarily if you need information-- paying users?-

……Shareholder? Why not develop a co-operatative business-model where every paying users owns part of this platform to feel a lot more responsable for internal consistency and external exposure/public relations of this global architecture of ancestor-souls and their spirits…… only then all races, religions and cultures can feel safe and 'at HOME' here.

3. ICT-architect a/o -expert with all the knowledge of how a database behaves...

B. Co-OPERAtor in the project, BUT not Co-MANAGER of the profile, so singing in the chorus, but without the baton of a conDUCtor

C. just FOLLOWER of a project, while maybe others have added 'your' profile on/off your request to that page

…Well, Mike Stangel - Noah Tutak or some of the other Geni-architects, is my hypothetical list of different possibilities --with some ideas of solutions too-- complete enough? I think it's time for a coaching-program for Geni-Dummies, but who will be the Dean of the Teachers in a modern, digital, sometime even virtual, non-managerial internet context? For to me that seems a responsability or accomplishment not all curatores are familiar with. Or am I wrong? Reactions welcome !

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3/15/2013 at 3:05 AM

Erratum. # 2. - NON-pro member - should be - NON-pro VISITOR - sorry!

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