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7/21/2013 at 6:04 PM

i find it strange that i cant ged-com my blood relative - only a multiplication of the people i added myself:
in other words: my grandchild cant add anything if his wife also like me are nerd on geni - jow:
what happens to my info - it dies with me?

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7/28/2013 at 10:55 AM

No idea if there is a work-around for that or not.

Someone explained once the rationale for that policy when it came in -- but still seems to me to be unfair to those who joined Geni after most of their extended family already added, and who do not want to add a gazillion duplicates just to be able to get a Gedcom export.

7/29/2013 at 2:57 PM

thanks Lois - I have about 10,000 blood relatives already placed in my tree due to a large part of my family already engaged themselves in these very old branches - should I just cut the trees and create a copy of these to ged-com thats not rigth - but I think thats the consequence, you know manual labor (i thought electronics was supposed to help people) - bizarrely Geni is just counting numbers .... example: I have spent probably 2 years of 5000 hours to collect 250,000 names from 1644-1799 for the island of Mors - these enables me to improve the tree with about say 30 people - everyone can now take advantage of this, and it allows me to ged-com another 300 people according to their counting matrix (still almost 10,000 to go) - and still my grandson cant ged-com anything except he manually write all of my tree - bizarre.

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7/30/2013 at 7:20 AM

Apparently the number of Profiles you can export has gone down to only 5x the number of profiles you have added - true for all levels or users (Basic, Pro, Plus) - except Basic has cap at 5000 profiles, Pro and Plus have cap at 100,000 profiles. I know this is a change from 10x to 5x -- is it also a change in cap, or is that what it was??
The Help Topic says it was updated "May 29, 3013"

Private User - any chance you can explain the rationale for initiating the policy of limiting Gedcom exports based on number added for Carl and the rest of us? I would also be interested to know why was it lowered from 10x to 5x -- and was any announcement made about that? Plus, the Help Topic was almost certainly not updated almost 1000 years in the future - surprised to see the Platform doesn't auto-generate the date of changes as well as date of creation.

7/30/2013 at 2:31 PM

geni june 22nd 2013 response to: There is a new comment in topic please expand ged-com export from only 4000 to more than 20,000 family members. :
Bjørn P. Brox

'The limit is ten times the number of profiles you have added your self.
Personally I want that limit to be lower because we have had to many people who have just joined Geni to be able to grab a GEDCOM of other peoples work with the intention of uploading it on other sites...'

i don't know how well geni lives up to its name - but right now all matches within geni is complete nonsense - and I find my contract with them is jeopardized - they are promising me full gedcom og blood relatives, but limiting my/our export - in which country are they located to sue? - I wanted to upload more pictures and these 250,000 names but i cant see they are trustworthy - im wondering if the company is facing difficulties or is greedy/ slaggy?

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7/31/2013 at 2:55 PM

Found the Help Topic Carl referred to above:

Wonder -- had they already lowered it at the time of Bjorn's comment, and he was just unaware of that fact, or did they lower it after his comment, and put the wrong month as well as the wrong millenium in the date of the update?

Actually, I can understand the problem he mentions. HOWEVER - the solution is truly not fair to a whole lot of folks!! Not sure it is fair to any, except those who have added gobs and gobs of profiles already. Especially since when profiles are merged, only one of the Profile Creators is credited with having added the Profile.

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