Sir Edward Warren of Poynton & Stockton - Edward Warren and descendants?

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Edward Warren, Esq. was commonly called "Stag Warren", on account of his great size and strength. He was born May 10, 1605 and baptized May 19 according to the register of Wood Plumpton. He married Margaret, daughter of Henry Arderne of Harden near Stockport. She died April 20, 1644. Edward's first child Ann, baptized January 21, 1626 and married in 1650, Edward, son and heir of Richard Holland of Denton, Lancashire, she died at Stockport November 23, 1668. Second child John who succeeded to the estate. Edward's third child Humphrey came to Maryland by 1657 and is our first Warren ancestor in America. However, Dr. Watson's account states Humphrey was "brought up as a merchant, went to the West Indies where he married and died without issue about 1680" (page 147 Vol. ii Memoirs of the Ancient Earls--). But now it is generally accepted Mr. Charles Browning account in his Americans of Royal Descent "West Indies" in those times applied to Virginia, Maryland, and even New England. The date of Humphrey's death, 1680, was simply the last date friends in England heard from him. The fourth child Henry was born December 18, 1635, was rector of Stockport, and was buried there May 6, 1674, having married Catharine, daughter and heiress of Leonard Clayton of Blackburn. The fifth child Charles born March 28, 1637 and buried at Stockport January 27, 1645; sixth Edward born 1639 and died 1676; and twins Radcliffe and Posthumous whose mother died at their birth April 20, 1644. He married secondly Anne Hough, widow of Humphrey Booth of Salford. No issue resulted. She was buried May 31, 1662, at Stockport. By his will dated Jan 26, 1663, he founded the almshouse at the east side of the old church yard at Stockport and was buried under the arch on the left side of the communion rails in the parish church on September 10, 1687.

For those interested in the line of Poynton Warrens past this above Edward Warren, Esq. we find:

John Warren Esq. August 12, 1630 - March 20, 1705-6

Edward Warren Esq. September 17, 1663 - October 10, 17117

John Warren Esq. July 15, 1679 - died unmarried 1729 his brother succeeded

Edward Warren Esq. died September 7, 1737

Sir George Warren who was the last Warren to own the estate and had the Rev John Watson publish the Memoirs of the Ancient Earls of Warren and Surry


Charles County Gentry, by Harry Wright Newman pub1971.

Ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey and their Descendants, by Rev. John Watson pub 1782.

Manuscripts, British Museum, London.

Parish Registers of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Ormerod’s History of Cheshire.

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