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Richard foster Hoskins was a captain in n.c. Militia,we are decendentent on both sides of family to mayflower if you wanna talk

The link to Geni listing a roster of the participants of the Battle of King's Mountain should be destroyed.

This is a roster posted online by Trish Carden who invited anyone who had an ancestor who fought at the Battle to add his name to the list. Unfortunately, Carden did not do her due diligence. She required no documentation and added the name willy-nilly, thus causing great harm to history and genealogy. Many descendants swear by this roster, because it is published online.

There are 2,000 names on the roster: there are 1,000 errors on the roster. Fewer than 1,000 men actually fought in the battle. Hundreds more marched on the Campaign. Colonel Joseph Winston was in charge of 500 - 600 foot soldiers who did not reach the site until the battle had been fought and won. This roster included all those foot soldiers.

The roster included everyone named by K.K. White in The King's Mountain Men and Lewis Preston Summers in The Annals of Southwest Virginia. For decades, both authors were considered creditable and were the sources for numerous books and articles written about the battle. White relied on many family histories which were more myth than fact: Summers and Carden relied on White.

Result: This Roster is inaccurate, no one should credit it as fact, and it should be destroyed.

Pam Wilson (on hiatus) How would you suggest we work through the points raised on ?

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