Rev. William Hill, Jr. - Extra children

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Known children from union of Rev. William Hill, Jr. and his wife, Hannah Elizabeth Halbert:

  1. Cynthia, wife of ??? Crawford
  2. William, husband of Sarah Geddy
  3. Thomas, husband of Catherine Shrepshire
  4. James, husband of Nancy Royalty
  5. John, husband of Obedience (Cullum)
  6. Frances, wife of Maj. Mark Hardin
  7. Green, husband of Nancy Mitchell
  8. Elizabeth, wife of John Moore
  9. Mary, wife of Osborn Childress
  10. Joab, husband of Elizabeth Lane

I will be disconnecting anyone not in this list and locking down the tree to relationship changes.

Carissa Hill Reports that there are badly done Gedcoms & trees causing Hill confusion, so beware. In fact, I think we should send for deletion any more duplicates into this area.

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Winifred 'Wenny' King - parents unknown. Nor was she a known child of Green Hill, Sr.

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Not the daughter of William Hill & Hanniniah Halbert:

Martha McFall

Mary Gibbons

Winifred 'Wenny' King

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I have lots of DNA matches (62 > 8 cm) to Rev William Hill and spouse Hanna Halbert, but my DNA matches are to 10 children that do not include a Green, or Mary, but do include 8 you have listed plus Winifred Hill King (1755-1850) , Aquila (1174-1835) , and possibly Swinfield (only 9 cm). Green and Mary are on my ancestry tree, bur DNA threshold for thrulines match was not met. The 12 birthdates for children on my ancestry tree do not conflict with each other.
You might be jumping the gun on disconnecting and locking down!

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Then we need more references to reconnect. This is why We document actions taken. Your info is really helpful.

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Mary Childress Added.

Now the geni tree conforms to DAR, which very well may have errors.

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Jim Ward - can you Post a link to your ancestry tree for this family? Dates are still funky here, I’d love to see more accuracy.

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William Hill and Susannah on wikitree has 12 children (not counting a duplicated Thomas) that currently include Aquila and Swinfield but not Winifred. I trust wikitree. more than most genealogy databases.

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Yes, me too. They work hard on sourcing and citing those sources.

I’ll reconnect Aquilla Hill, Sr. with “uncertainty” caveat.

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Here’s the child list from

Children of William & Hannah Elizabeth

1. THOMAS HILL, born December 22, 1759. He married KATHERINE SHROPSHIRE on July 17, 1783. A child of THOMAS HILL and KATHERINE SHROPSHIRE is WINKFIELD HILL.

2. JAMES HILL, born July 25, 1761, Rockingham Co., NC; died 1834, Claiborne Co., TN. He married NANCY ROYALTY on June 6, 1789 in Surry Co., NC. She was born February 22, 1768 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died after September 8, 1834. I have 10 Children for JAMES HILL and NANCY ROYALTY.

A son Reuben Mason , b. July 23, 1809, kept the family Bible After the death of his parents. It was damaged in a flood on Sacramento River in CA and preserved as well as could be. After Reuben died one of his daughters removed the record portion copying it for preservation of the data.

3. MARY POLLY HILL, born 1764, Surry or Stokes Co., NC; and died November 14, 1816 in Lincoln Co., TN. She married OSBORNE CHILDRESS on January 18, 1805 in Stokes Co., NC. Then she married THOMAS BLOUNT after 1806. A child of MARY HILL and OSBORNE CHILDRESS is MINERVA HILL CHILDRESS.

4. JOHN HILL, born about 1767, Surry Co., NC; died 1830, Wayne Co., TN. Herbert Hill's ancestor. He married Obedience Unknown.

5. ELIZABETH HILL, born 1768 married JOHN MOORE. I have 11 children for them.

6. WILLIAM HILL III, b. September 23, 1773, Surry Co., NC; d. October 29, 1857, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC. He married Sarah (Sally) Geddy on April (January?)1, 1803 who died February 14, 1833. He then married FRANCES CONNER BLOUNT after 1833. She was the widow of Joseph Blount. A child of WILLIAM HILL and SARAH GEDDY is WILLIAM G. HILL, b. 1806; d. 1877.

7. JOAB HILL, born October 5, 1775, Surry Co., NC; d. October 5, 1847, Revere, Clark Co., MO. He married ELIZABETH LANE June 14, 1802 in Claiborne Co., TN, daughter of ISAAC LANE. She was born December 24, 1784 in Probably Washington Co., NC (now TN), and died September 18, 1864 in Revere, Clark Co., MO. I have nine children of JOAB HILL and ELIZABETH LANE.

8. CYNTHIA HILL, b. 1776, Surry Co., NC. She married A. CRAWFORD. I have three children for them.

Daughter Julia married John Hill was educated at the University of NC at Chapel Hill. He was elected seven times to the legislature and once to Congress in 1839. He was opposed to secession, but against his will was elected to the convention that carried the state out of the Union. He said before going that if the state seceded, he did not want to live any longer. He was stricken with apoplexy during the convention and died on April 24, 1861, Raleigh, Wake Co., NC.

9. FRANCES HILL, b. 1778, Surry Co., NC. , married Major Mark Hardin on January 26, 1796 in Rockingham Co. NC. He was born 1776, and died 1812. I have four children of FRANCES HILL and MARK HARDIN.

10 GREEN HILL, b. 1782, Surry Co., NC, married Nancy Geddy Mitchell, born around 1782 in Surry Co. Children of GREEN HILL and NANCY MITCHELL are: WILLIAM R. HILL, b. 1804; d. 1890; MARTHA HILL, b. 1814, Wake Co., NC; d. 1865, Wake Co., NC.


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I’m going to upload as a source document, there’s lots of detail.

Numerous legal documents that show William as having died intestate give him four sons John, William, James, and Green, and three daughters Elizabeth, Cynthia, and Frances. After William's death, Elizabeth married John Glenn. Nonetheless, three other children have been attributed to them.

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My public ancestry tree is

The wikitree ID for William Hill is Hill-1449

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Excellent, I’ll compare the resources for a next tightening up. Meanwhile, can you check for any egregious errors on geni currently?

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