Gen. William P. Hardeman (CSA) - Need a curator please and thank you

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Hardeman was twice married, first to his uncle Bailey's widow Rebecca, and after her death to Sarah Hamilton. He had two children by the first marriage and five by the second.
He died of Bright's disease on April 8, 1898, and was buried at the State Cemetery in Austin.

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Who is correct?
The online book or the FAG memorial?

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So the first part agrees (His uncle's widow)

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Also, his rank is Brigadier general--please edit

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There's a really interesting bio for him at

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Thank you for the unmerges, Linda Zimmerman
Pam Wilson (on hiatus) do we know who the Rebecca Rebeccah Wilson who IS the daughter of Sam and Martha married?
Surely we would know the parents of the Brigadier General's wife
Tagging the two curators on the profile-- can we find a source for the third wife not mentioned anywhere BUT the FAG?
Erin Ishimoticha
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Thank you in advance.

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