Mahala Morning Sumner (Blanchard) - Mahala Mourning Sumner (Blanchard)

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Hello Zac Yualbo: You match me in dna on gedmatch at 5.2 centimorgans....our MRCA is 7.7 generations ago. We match on Chrom.3. my genmatch # is A278019 . I am wondering if Mahala Blanchard ---daughter of Aaron Blanshard and Elizabeth Evans could be the Milley Blanchard who married John Walton in Gates Co 24 Jan 1801? A witness to the marriage is a Palatiah Blanshard which I believe is also the son of Aaron & Elizabeth(Evans) Blanshard. It is just a theory. Milley could be another women entirely. I would love to hear your thoughts or anyone's thoughts on this matter. Thanks.

P.S. I am a newbie to Geni. My tree is on ancestry.

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