Sir Hugh de Payen, Knight - Early de Payns -- problems

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I was trying to untangle this guy -- Sir Hugh de Payen, Knight who had been given a photo that actually belongs to Hugues de Payn, one of the first Knights Templar, and I got worried. And now I am more worried.

I'm not finding evidence for him anywhere, although I have search diligently for some crusader that got beheaded on the temple rock, which sounds highly umprobable to me anywhere, especially since it's the crusaders who butcherd people when they took Jerusalem and when Salah-al-Din took it back there wasn't bloodshed.

But I did find, alas, notice on Wikitree that only unsourced web trees have this line, stating that down to about this person -- Sir John Payne they did not exist, and Wikitree has detached them.

there is no evidence for this line -- here's a Wiki page --

And besides that, though the names in this line don't include impossibilities, they have lots of middle names, which didn't exist, and are all sorts of lords and ladies and are making me very uneasy.

Does anybody have any actual real verifiable information about these people?

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In tracking down spurious pedigrees, it always helps me to identify the immigrant ancestor to Colonial America, as there was / is a cottage industry of cobbling together pedigrees to provide illustrious ancestors. Some of these are known published frauds, so worth a look / see.

And look - from the descendant report:

William Payne, III of Lavenham father of colonists

Elizabeth Hammond m. William Hammond, of Watertown

Phoebe Page m. John Page, I

Thomas Paine

William Paine, of Ipswich m. Anna Paine

There might be a section in the middle to be detached on either end.

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