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<private> Nederlk (Walls)
9/13/2010 at 11:50 AM

I came across your name when I was checking over names of Samuel Spinneys relative and wondered where you are related to the Spinneys?. This is fantastic how huge this family is I am related through the Odiorne Family !st generation in this country.
Ann Merry Odiorne Married Horace Stacy Spinney July 03,1859. Ann Merry was my second great grandmother.
TheirThey had 12 Children of which one was Josephine E Spinney born Aug. 02, 1872 d. Aug. 19 1939
Thus this is my 1st great grandmother . She married John W Downs who wrote the book Sprays of Salt.
They had 13 children and one of which is the second child was my grandmother Florence also called Flossie, B Downs who married Ralph c Baker.
They had one daughter Mary who married Ronald A Walls,This is my mother and father my married name was Ruth Nederlk married to Christopher Nederlk I had one son James R Nederlk who married Georgette .

I also had a siter Betty Jane Walls Carr

also my sister Betty Jane C
Walls who married William G Carr
So this is my connection through the Odiornes and the Spinneys.
Please let me know about your self and connection. I could go on and on

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