Katigbak Family Genealogy

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4/26/2011 at 7:15 AM

Hi I am doing the Katigbak Family History and Registry Book. Please send me list of relatives who are related to our ancestors: Don Josef Catigbac married to Andrea Calao with children: Cayetano Katigbak, Norberto Katigbak, Lino Katigbak, Mateo Katigbak, and Susana Katigbak - ancestors of Mariano and Segunda Katigbak, and Pres. Leon Katigbak. Don Pasqual Katigbak married to Andre Manguiat with children Exequiel Katigbak and Petrona Katigbak - ancestors of Don Gregorio Mayo Katigbak- father of Dr. Jose Maria B. Katigbak...If you think you are related please let me know and i will try to connect it with the tree.

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