Mary Gertie Meeks REAL name.

Started by Christopher Andrew Fitzpatrick, Sr. on Friday, June 10, 2011


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6/10/2011 at 10:28 PM

Looking at census records, I see the spouse of George Gordon Yawn with children George V and Billie, listed as Demaus, Demarious Demarionis G Yawn, Also listed as Gordie and Geordie Yawn. It would be nice to see a birth certificate with the name on it. I can see where Demarious etc could have been shortened to Mary, makes sense, and of course Gordie and Geordie could turn into Gertie. I am not sure of the source of Gertie, but it's possible the census taker screwed up and wrote Geordie and Gordie. Still trying to find who her parents were too. I have been down to the Palmetto Cemetery and the stone reads; Mary Gertie Meeks Yawn.

Just got off the phone with the health dept. They have a death certificate, reading Mary GORDIAN Yawn, it has her father's name which they wouldn't give without $25 and the proper forms requiring a trip to Brunswick, which I need to do anyway,...sometime. The Glynn Library has newspapers from 1947 on file, but all on microfiche, which also requires a personal appearance. So, any one in brunswick have a library card? Hopefully then we can determine Mama and Papa Meek's names and go from there.

7/27/2013 at 11:01 AM

I've been reading (also editing the scanned document for rendered text, fun..) "Bradford's History of the Plymouth Settlement" and I found this little tidbit-
STEPHEN HOPKINS; Elizabeth, his wife; two children by a
former wife, Giles and Constanta; and two by this wife,
DAMARIS and Oceanus — the latter born on the voyage; two
Just postulating that the practice of using famous names might be at play here...hmmmm.... It's on page 338 about 3 pages from the end and before the index starts. Mention is also made of the Damariscove Islands.

Before Gramma's funeral I went to the Health Department and picked up the death certificate for G-Gramma Mary. It does say Gordian as here middle name and of course, everybody I've talked to called her Gordie. There were a few surprises though. The stone gave 1887 as her birth year the certificate said 1885. Grampa listed her parents as "BERYL" and "AMERCIA" MEEKS- and here is what I found; No less than 10 different genealogies listing "BURRELL" and "AMERICA" MEEKS with 4 listing a "son" "GORDIE" no other info on this so called "son". Everyone has the right birthdates and are all from the same place Gramma told me they were all from, much of this is also through linked at So a new line in the family tree has finally been opened. There are a lot of names and anybody, please, anybody can also get to filling out the tree.

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