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7/3/2011 at 3:23 PM

Has anyone been able to peek through the veil behind John Willis, Sr.? Who were his parents? Where was his country of origin? I've found several references among other sources regarding a Frances Willis, but I am convinced he was not the direct ancestor of this John Willis. While he had a son named John--the son of Frances was not married to anyone named Sarah Hudson that I can ascertain.

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I kind of hit a wall there with him... I'm pretty comfortable that the info in the profile for him is as correct as humanly possible, but I surely haven't found anything yet that gave anything about parents... The connection to him that I have is through Sarah Hudson - and that marriage is recorded at the King George County Clerk's office - so I am fairly certain that much is correct about him, but I tend to agree that he's not the same John Willis that was the son of Frances...

I am tending to believe that they might be related - but maybe first cousins or so - there just doesn't seem to be enough primary sources (or even secondary - or gum wrappers or graffiti) to back me up on the later guess...

Please holler if you find anything - and I'll gladly update the profile or add you as a manager...


7/4/2011 at 4:57 PM

What I have discovered is that John Willis, Sr. is actually John William Willis (which makes sense that he would name his two sons John and William). Perhaps the son of William Willis. Birth date of John is inconsistent but death date and place of residence is very close.

"William WILLIS came to VA Colony about the same time as his
brother, Col. Francis (e.); settled on Craney Creek, Gloucester; d. 1663
leaving three sons. In 1691, Francis WILLIS willed to William's oldest son,
William, land on Craney Cr, probably near the original William's homesite.
William’s wife's name unknown. Also unknown are any daughters.
1. William, Jr. b. Gloucester Co., VA m 25 Jun 1685 Bridget ROBINSON, d.
1717 Gloucester Co., VA.
2. Thomas b. 1637 Gloucester Co., VA m. Mary ?
3. c. John b. 1648 Gloucester Co., VA d. 1715 King George Co., VA "

The Father of William Willis appears to be as follows:

"Rev. Francis WILLIS, Jr. b. c1540 d. 1596 Oxford, England; s/o Francis
WILLIS, mother and wife's names unknown.; two sons: Francis WILLIS, III and Rev. John WILLIS b. 1587 Oxford, Eng; rector of Orrington in Hampshire Co.; wife unknown; children:
a. Elizabeth
b. Frances
c. William
d. Rev. Hugh
e. Col. Francis
f. Grace
g. William
h. Henry"

My source is:

7/21/2013 at 7:52 PM
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