A Rifle Butt from Talana PINETOWN CAMP

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A Rifle Butt Vryheid Commando,
A beautifully deep relief carved butt that is inscribed on the left side with the following,
Pinetown Kamp
and on the right side,
Vryheid 1899
Whilst on the front underside is the name
The background behind each of the inscriptions is in the form of a “grip” carving. It is 10”(25cm) in length and 5” (12.5cm) at its widest, and is in excellent condition. A circular “cap” has been added to the end of the butt for effect.
Apparently Wessels was a policeman who fought with the Commando and was interned. To date his POW record has not been located. It is a unique item that was found in Cradock.

uploaded by Robin Woodruff on 4/27/2013
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