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uploaded by Erica Howton on 2/15/2015

Sources (Cited: 4/29/2020)

Source Information
Walter de Coleville, Lord Colville, of Bytham First Name
Last Name
(de Colville)
Birth Surname
(de Colville)
Display Name
(Walter de Coleville, Lord Colville, of Bytham)
Date of Death
(before 9/2/1277)
Living Status

(1) Welcome (2) Death of Ray S. Bassett and Bassetts Dairy of Florida (3) Bassett Heraldry (4) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter (5) DNA project update Thanks to the following who made donation's toward the project this month: 3 people donated a total of $110 towards the Bassett DNA project Section 1 - Welcome I hope to meet some of you in just a few weeks at the Bassett family reunion in Boston. I will be arriving late in the afternoon on Friday, August 3rd. Several dozen Bassetts will be there Friday evening to share their Bassett family information. Bassett presentations will begin about 9 am on Saturday morning. In addition to the people staying overnight at the hotel, several dozen others from New England have told me they will be joining us to learn more about Bassett history on Saturday. We hope to have a group tour of the USS Constitution at 3pm on Saturday afternoon. We will also have a group dinner at a local restaurant on Saturday evening for those wishing to join us. On Sunday, several people plan on visiting Plimouth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. This is a recreated village of 1627. If you descend from William Bassett of Plymouth, come see how his family was living in 1627. If you can't join us this year, I will be sharing a few pictures in next month's newsletter for all to see. Is there any interest from our Bassett family members in England or Wales of hosting a small reunion in the next few years? If so, please let me know.