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Agnes Marshall

Birthplace: Carlton, Newark-upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England (United Kingdom)
Death: circa 1471 (23-40)
England (United Kingdom)
Immediate Family:

Daughter of John Of Carlton Marshall and Elizabeth Marshal
Wife of Lawrence Hatfield
Mother of Stephen Hatfield; Agnes Cranmer and Thomas Hatfield, of Willoughby
Sister of Rauffe Marshall

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About Agnes Marshall


Date of birth might be 1439.

Date of death might be 1471.

content to be cleaned up

  • The visitations of the county of Nottingham in the years 1569 and 1614 : with many other descents of the same county (1871)
  • Pg.166
    • Marshall. Pg.166-167
  • John Marshall = ; ch: Roger Marshall
    • Roger Marshall = ; ch: William (m. Agnes Browne) Marshall.
      • William Marshall = Agnes d. & heire of Robert Browne ; ch: John (m. Ellen Thorpe) Marshall.
        • John Marshall = Ellen d. of Adam Thorpe of . . . in Com. Nottingham ; ch: William (m. Catherin Leeke), (Pg.167 John (m. . . . . Assaby), Stephen, Edmond (m. . . . Dallisonn) Marshall.
          • William Marshall of Aslerton (Carleton Harl. 1400) in Com. Nottingham = Catherin d. of Thomas Leeke ; ch: John (m. Elizebeth Bingham), Richard, Thomas, Robert, Joane Marshall
            • Richard
            • Thomas
            • Robert
            • Joane
            • John Marshall of Carlton in Com. Nottingham = Elizebeth d. of Raffe Bingham of Bingham ; ch: Raffe (m. Catherin Nevell), Richard, Agnes (m. Lawrance Hatfeld), Elizebeth (m. John Burton), Ellenor (m. Thomas White) Marshall
              • Richard
              • Agnes ux. Lawrence Hatfeld
              • Elizebeth ux. John Burton
              • Ellenor ux. Thomas White
              • Raffe Marshall of Carlton = Catherin d. of Thomas Nevell of Rolston ; ch: Thomas (m. Anne Muston), Richard, Issabell (m. Thomas Hunt), Elizebeth (m. James Ward), Agnes (m. Thomas Ellis), Allice (m. Andrew Garnon) Marshall
                • Richard
                • Issabell ux. Thomas Hunt of Normanton
                • Elizebeth ux. James Ward
                • Agnes ux. Thomas Ellis
                • Allice ux. Andrew Garnon
                • Thomas Marshall of Carlton = Anne d. & heire of William Muston of Callis ; ch: (Pg.167 John (m. Anne Cave) Marshall
                  • Pg.167
                  • John Marshall of Carlton = Anne d. & heire of Henery Cave of Cold Ashby in Com. Northampton ; ch: William, Raffe, John, Frauncis, Dorathey, Catherin, Humfrey (Henrey) (m. Maude Scrimshire) Marshall
                    • William Marshall
                    • Raffe Marshall
                    • John Marshall
                    • Frauncis
                    • Dorathey
                    • Catherin
                    • Humfrey Marshall (Henrey Harl. 1400) = Maude d. & heire of William Scrimshire ; ch: Raffe, William, Henery, Elizebeth Marshall
          • John Marshall = . . . d. of . . . Assaby ; ch: Thomas, Francis, Henery Marshall
          • Stephen Marshall
          • Edmond Marshall = . . . d. of . . . Dallisonn ; ch: Richard, Susan Marshall _____________________________________
  • The Gentleman's Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for the Year ..., Volume 216
  • Pg.781
  • Sir William Marshall was succeeded by his son and heir, John Marshall, who married a daughter of William Harding, Esq., and by her left a son William (Rich. II., 1398), who married a daughter of Anthony Harrington, Esq. The issue of this marriage was John Marshall, -----(*) to King Henry V. He married Mary, dau. of Edmund Lamplugh, Esq., of Northumberland, and had issue, ---
    • 1. William, 2. John.
  • William is called by Holme "Lord of Empringham, 1418." He married Katherine Tamworth, and had William.
  • This William married Maud, eldest dau. and co-h. of William Brus (or Bruse), Esq., son of William Brus (great-grandson of Sir Adam Bruse, and Margaret his wife, dau. and heir of Walter
  • Pg.782
  • Hawyke. Sir Adam Bruse had "lands in Pickering, Newton, and Thornton," which through the marriage with the co-heiress of his descendant passed into the family of Marshall of Pickering, in Yorkshire. Robert Marshall, called in some MSS. "William," son of William and Maud, was twice married, first to Agnes, dau. and heir of John(b) son of John Brown, of Hull, by whom he had issue, --
  • John, of whom presently.
  • second, to Anne, dau. of -- Bulmer, by whom he had issue Robert Marshall of Tadcaster, married to --, dau. of Thomas Laycock, of Tadcaster. The issue of this marriage was Robert, married to Anne, dau. of John Hudleston, by whom he had George, who married Mary, dau. of Robert Ward, alias Robinson, and had Sir George Marshall, Knt.(c) equerry to King James I., sometime of Cole Park, Wiltshire (Harl. MSS., 1487). he was buried at Putney, July 27. 1636 (Lysons' "Environs of London," vol. iv. p. 607), and married Cysceley(d), dau. of Sir Owen Hopton, Knt.: she died April 23, 1625. The issue of this marriage was
    • Anne, sole dau. and heir, mar. Marmaduke Marshall, of Morton-upon-Swale, Yorkshire, Gentleman Sewer to the Duke of Lennox, 1639. They had issue Ann and three others.
  • One dau. mar. Thomas Pennington, another Nicholas Baxter. Marmaduke Marshall was the son of John Marshall, and a dau. of Marmaduke Wilson of Tanfield, Yorkshire, son of John Marshall, of Morton-upon-Swale, and a dau. of Fox of Clyff, in com. Ebor.
  • John Marshall (son of Robert alias William), of Pickering, married twice, first to Ellen, dau. of Adam Thorpe, of Nottingham, by whom he had--
  • 1. William of Carlton, Nottinghamshire, of whom presently.
  • And secondly ---, dau. of Richard Kempe; issue,--
    • 2. John, called in some MSS. Richard, living 1563, mar. Agnes, dau. of James Aslaby, of Aslaby, and had
      • Thomas (living unm. 1584), mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Robert Norton, and left issue Marmaduke and Thomas.
      • Francis, of Standingholme, Yorkshire, lliving 1584, mar. --, dau. of Oliver Ryther, of Lincolnshire.
      • Henry, mar. Ursula, dau. of Christopher Thrope, of Thorpe, and had Francis, aged one year, 1584.
      • Margaret, mar. to Richard Ledgeard, and issue(e).
    • 3. Stephen.
    • 4. Edmond, living 1563, mar, Jane, dau. of William Daliston, of Laghton, Lincolnshire, and had
      • Roger, called in some MSS. Thomas, of Aislaby Grange, Yorkshire, mar. a dau. of Thomas Curtes, of Clee. A pedigree of his descendants will be found in Dugdale's "Visitation of Yorkshire," printed by the Surtees Society, 1859, p. 316.
      • Susanna, mar. William Baxter, of Normanby.
    • 5. Ann, mar. -- Catherall.
  • William Marshall of Calton, Nottinghamshire, is described by Morant as of Somercotes, Lincolnshire, returned one of the genty of that county 1433. He married Katherine, dau. to Thomas Leeke, and by her had, --
    • John, of Carlton.
    • Richard(f).
    • Thomas.
    • Robert.
    • Joan.
  • John Marshall, of Calton, is called by Thoroton William. He mar. Eliza-
  • Pg.783
  • beth, dau. of Rauffe Bingham, of Bingham, called Alice by Thoroton, and had
    • Rauffe, of Carlton.
    • Richard.
    • Agnes (Isabel in Thoroton), wife of Lawrence Hatfield temp. Rich. III.
    • Elizabeth, wife of John Brereton, or Burton.
    • Elenor, wife of Thomas White.
  • Rauffe Marshall, of Carlton, married Catherine, dau. of Thomas Nevill, of Rowleston and had .... et. ___________________________________
  • 5. Adam de Thorp. Married, before 1372, Katherine _______. 'Thos. Symound, vicar of Thorp, John de Fenton, chaplain; to Adam, son of Wm. de Thorp, and wife Katherine, in tail manor of Thorpe and appurtenances there and in Stoke, Eyleston and Newerk.'[K] 'Adam de Thorp to make sufficient estate to Henry Lescropp of lands in Yorks which belonged to Wm. Lescropp. Henry Lescropp to make estate for life to Adam of £22 p.a. land and rent in Muskham and Carleton. Given at York, 4 March' 46 Edw III (1372) [L]. Possibly the same Adam de Thorp shown on a 1379 Subsidy Roll for the Yorkshire parish of Ripon: 'MARKETTESTEED IN RYPON: Adam de Thorp & vxor ejus iiij.d.'[M] Dead by 1400; Katherine ______ was living in 1400. 'Katherine widow of Adam Thorp to Hugh de Thorp her son, manor etc. as above'.[N]
  • 6. Ellen Thorp, who married John Marshall.[O]
  • 7. William Marshall of Carleton, Notts., who married Catherine Leeke[P]
  • 8. John Marshall of Carleton, who married Elizabeth Bingham.[Q]
  • 9. Agnes Marshall, who married Lawrence Hatfield[R] (fl. 1456) [S]
  • 10.Agnes Hatfield, who married Thomas Cranmer of Aslacton [T]
  • 11.Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Archdeacon Edmund Cranmer, & others. [U]
  • Since the Visitations state that the grandson of Adam Thorp is stated to have married a Leek, it may also be noteworthy that the document referenced in 1372 [K] and another grant made by Adam's son in 1401 [V] were witnessed by Simon de Leek and Sir John Leek respectively. The documents mentioning Adam de Thorp associate him with Carleton and Muskham, precisely the places that the visitations mention in connection with the Marshall family. (This Marshall family's origins are another matter. Their pedigree displays an apparently flawed descent from the Brus family, though the Bruse [sic] quarter of their arms is in fact suggestive of a younger son's differenced coat.)
  • Sources:
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  • Published online at
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  • [V] DD/FJ/1/36/9 (Nottinghamshire Archives)
  • From: _____________________________
  • 'Hatfeild1'
  • .... etc.
  • William de Hatfield of East Hatfield (a 1402) - continued above
  • m. Margaret Staunton (dau of ?? Staunton of Staunton)
  • Hunter reports that Margaret's will indicates that she had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Hunter names 4 sons (Thomas, Sir William, Robert & Sir Stephen) whilst Visitation names 5 sons (Robert, Steven, Rychard, John & Thomas) & 3 daughters (Constance, Elsabeth & Jane), making an apparent total of 6 sons and 3 daughters.
    • 1. Robert Hatfield (d 01.1451, escheator)
    • m. Maud Boynton (dau of John Boynton)
    • Hunter shows only their son John and his daughter/heir Maud. The other children are as named by Visitation.
      • A. John Hatfield, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1423)
      • m1. Elizabeth Rydness (dau of John Rydness of Rydness or Redenis by Agnes, dau of William de Ruda)
        • i. Maud/Matilda Hatfield (d 1560/1)
        • m. Sir William Constable of Hatfield (son of Sir Marmaduke of Flamborough)
        • ii.+ other issue (dsp?) - Steven, William, Anthony, Thomas, Robert, Richard, Elsabeth, Margaret, Agnes
      • m1. Margaret Hutton (dau of Andrew Hutton)
        • xi.+ other issue (dsp?) - John, Thomas
      • B. Stephen Hatfield possibly the Escheator who married ...
      • m. Elizabeth Foster (dau of John Foster)
      • C. Mawde Hatifeld
      • m. Richard Gowsell
      • D.+ other issue (dsp) - John, William, Anthony, Richard, Thomas
    • 2. Thomas Hatfield of Newnham, Oxfordshire
    • m. Margaret Reresby (dau of John Rereseby of Lincolnshire)
      • A. Stephen Hatfield, Sheriff of Gloucester (d before 10.11.1461)
      • m. (before 17.02.1422/3) Isabel Russell (d 1437, dau of Maurice Russell of Kingston Russell, widow of Sir John Draiton)
        • i. Laurence Hatfield of Willoughby
        • m. Agnes Marshall (dau of John Marshall of Carlton)
          • a. Stephen Hatfield of Willoughby
          • m. Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Sir Thomas Molyneux)
            • (1) Henry Hatfield
              • (A)+ 2 daughters
            • (2) Bartholomew Hatfield
            • (3) Elizabeth Hatfield
            • m. _ Wentworth
          • b. Thomas Hatfield 'of Willoughby'
          • Hunter identifies Thomas's wife as Ann, dau/heir of Robert Mallet of Willoughby by Isabel, dau/heir of John Ward, and then shows them as parents of William. This appears to be the Thomas of Willoughby who is shown by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1615, Whalley) as father of Henry by ...
          • m. Ann Mallet (dau/heir of Robert Mallet of Willoughby (by Jane Francis) son of Richard by Isabel, dau/heir of John Ward)
            • (1) Henry Hatfield of Willoughby this line provided by Visitation (Nottinghamshire)
            • m. Anne Hercye (dau of Humfry Hercye, m2. Robert Markham)
              • (A) Elizabeth Hatfield
              • m. Thomas Whalley
              • (B) Barbara Hatfield
              • m. William Whalley
            • (2) William Hatfield (d before 18.03.1584) this line provided by Hunter
            • m. ?? Clifton (sister of Sir Gervase Clifton)
              • (A) Henry Hatfield of Wilford & Tollerton, Nottinghamshire (d before 08.10.1585)
              • m. Ann Eyre (dau of Robert Eyre)
                • (i) Gervase Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall' (bur 04.06.1654)
                • m. Grace Savile (dau/heir of Edward Savile of Midgley (Stanley Hall) by Catherine Copley)
                  • (a) John Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall' (bur 06.03.1670)
                  • m. (c1635) Mary Francke (dau of Bryan Franke of Alwoodley)
                    • ((1)) Gervase Hatfield 'of Hatfield Hall'
                    • m1. Catherine Duckworth (bur 21.08.1677, dau/heir of Thomas Duckworth of Padiham)
                      • ((A)) Oswald Hatfield (b 26.09.1656, bur 21.02.1729, 2nd son)
                      • m1. Sarah Challowe (dau/heir of John Challowe of Grantham, widow of _ Butler)
                      • m2. Mary Hall (dau of Matthew Hall of Leventhorpe Hall)
                        • ((i)) John Hatfield (b 16.04.1698, bur 11.05.1768)
                        • m. (17.09.1729) Esther Kaye (bur 25.12.1768, dau of Jonas Kaye of Milshaw Hall, sister/heir of John)
                          • ((a)) John Hatfield, later Hatfield-Kaye 'of Hatfield Hall' (bpt 30.11.1731, 06.05.1804)
                          • m. (30.05.1772) Augusta Anne Wentworth (d 25.08.1802, dau of William Wentworth of Henbry, son/heir of Peter brother of Thomas, Earl of Strafford)
                            • (((1))) Peter Wentworth Hatfield-Kaye (b 25.08.1777, bur 09.11.1777)
                          • ((b)) Francis Hatfield (bpt 23.02.1739, dsp 01.07.1804)
                          • m. (06.10.1802) ?? (Mrs Harter of Manchester)
                          • ((c)) Susannah Hatfield (bpt 21.01.1743, d 24.04.1812)
                          • m. Ralph Hanson
                          • ((d))+ other issue - Jonas (bpt 16.02.1741, Lt. Col.), Charles (bpt 03.07.1749), Thomas (b 1749, d 23.10.1800), Mary (bpt 15.08.1730, bur 20.05.1751), Esther (b 1732, d 02.04.1785), Ann (bpt 08.04.1734, bur 04.04.1751), Sarah (b c1736, d 26.10.1803), Dorothy (bpt 19.11.1737, d 31.01.1816), Katherine (b 1747, d 03.07.1812)
                        • ((ii)) Frances Hatfield (bpt 15.01.1700)
                        • m1. (1720?) Joseph Moore of Leeds
                          • ((a)) Eleanor Moore
                          • m. _ Dana
                        • m2. John Wordsworth of Sophley
                          • ((b))+ 3 sons + 1 daughter
                      • ((B)) Elizabeth Hatfield (b 01.05.1664)
                      • m. William Hanson of Stanley
                      • ((C))+ other issue - Gervase (bpt 08.09.1655), John (bpt 14.04.1659), Savile (d young), Nicholas (bur 19.10.1676), Duckworth (bur 01.03.1677), Thomas (Captain), William (bpt 09.10.1661, d young), Joseph (bpt 04.11.1660), Benjamin (bur 03.07.1679), Katherine (bpt 24.11.1657), Sarah, jane (bpt 15.02.1667), Ann (bur 14.08.1677), Mary (bpt 11.09.1665), Esther (bpt 27.04.1668, bur 05.10.1678), Johanna (bpt 04.05.1669)
                    • m2. Isabella Playce of York (d 1701)
                    • ((2))+ other issue - John, Jane
                  • (b) Francis Hatfield of Stanley Grange (bpt 29.07.1613, bur 08.08.1704)
                  • m. Elizabeth (bur 12.02.1700)
                    • ((1)) Sarah Hatfield (b 02.10.1660, bur 08.03.1680/1)
                    • ((2)) Anna Hatfield (bpt 29.10.1662)
                    • m. William Harrison
                  • (c) Grace Hatfield
                  • m. Edmund Dawson of York
                  • (d)+ other issue - Henry, Thomas of Iveridge Hall, Edward (but 24.03.1618), William (bpt 24.03.1630), Anne (bur 14.08.1677)
                • (ii) William Hatfield
              • (B) Elizabeth Hatfield
              • m. _ Parkyn
                • (i) John Parkyn
          • c. John Hatfield
          • d. Agnes Hatfield
          • m. Thomas Cranmer of Aslacton (d c1477)
        • ii.+ other issue - Richard, Stephen
      • B.+ other issue - Robert, Sir William (Attorney General)
    • 3. Jane Hatfield
    • m. Robert de Garton
    • 4.+ other issue - Sir Stephen (a 1414, dsp), Sir William, Richard (dsp), John, Cosntance( dsp), Elsabeth
  • Main source(s): FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Hatfield of Hatfield in Holderness and Hatfield Hall, Wakefield') with, as reported above, a little input from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Hatfeld)
  • From:
  • ____________________________
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Agnes Marshall's Timeline

Carlton, Newark-upon-Trent, Nottinghamshire, England (United Kingdom)
Thurgarton, Norfolk, , England
Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England (United Kingdom)
Age 32
England (United Kingdom)