Cadfan ap Cynan, King of Dumnonia

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Cadfan ap Cynan, King of Dumnonia

Welsh: Cadfan ap Cynan, Brenin Dyfnaint
Also Known As: "Cadvan of Cambria", "Cadfan", "Gadeon", "Adeon", "Cadeon", "ap Cynan"
Birthplace: Caer-Segeint (Caernarfon), Gwent (bellach yn rhan o Gymru)
Death: 390 (60-69)
Dyfnaint (bellach yn rhan o Loegr)
Immediate Family:

Son of Cynan Meriadog ap Gereint, Lord of Meriadog and Saint Ursula
Father of Cadfrod ap Cadfan and Einudd ap Cadfan
Half brother of Carantog . ap Cynan, de Ewyas; Magalle . Ferch Cynan; Columb . ap Cynan; St. Echea . ap Cynan; Mel-Noch . ap Cynan, Saint and 15 others

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About Cadfan ap Cynan, King of Dumnonia


Dyfnaint translates into English as Dumnonia.


content to clean up

Alternate spellings: Welsh-Cadfan, Latin-Catamanus, English-Gideon, Gadeon

Conan was a real figure whose actual story was modified over the centuries by re-telling into various legends.

Story: Gadeon appears in the Dream of Macsen Wledig as brother of King Conan Meriadoc of Dumnonia & Brittany, though he actually seems to have been his son by St. Ursula , presumably born in Rome. Upon the death of his father, Gadeon inherited a position of some power and influence in the Civitas Dumnoniorum, his mother's homeland, while his half-brother, Gradlon (alias Urban), took on Armorica (Brittany). He may have become the decurion of Isca Dumnoniorum (modern Exeter), where he probably died around AD 405. His place in society was inherited by his son, Guoremor .


Children Ystrafael

Gwrfawr (~358-~415)

Adeon mab Eudaf

Jesus College MS20 genealogy of the children of Cunedda gives their mother as Gwawl daughter of Coel Hen. The wife of Coel Hen being the daughter of Gadeon son of Eudaf Hen. This Gadeon is the same as Adeon indicating that he married on his return to Britain and was considered a progenitor of the royal house of Gwynedd.

Name: Gadeon ap EUDAF

Given Name: Gadeon ap

Surname: Eudaf

Sex: M

Change Date: 13 MAY 2009


!#4568> Welsh Genealogies Ad 300-1400,-v1-p8,24* (FHL #6025561);

!ARCH REC> Wurt's Magna Carta; Royal Ancestors of Magna Charta Barons; Bethams

Genealogical Tables; (birth 162 of Cambria);

!ASSUMPTION> son of either 1) Eudaf Hen*, or 2) Cynan ap Eudaf Hen*, placed

with 1st father for recording purposes;


Birth: 322 in North Britain

Reference Number: > 251 WEL

Death: Y

Father: Eudaf "Hen" b: ABT 286 in North Britain

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown


Ywstradwel ferch GADEON b: 347 in North Britain

Gwrfawr (Morfawr) ap GADEON b: 342 in North Britain

Abbrev: Pedigree Resource File CD 6

Title: Pedigree Resource File CD 6 (Salt Lake City, UT: Intellectual Reserve, Inc., 1999)serve, Inc., 1999)serve, Inc., 1999).

Cadfan King of Britain (Dumnonia)

Born : Abt. 325

Father Cynan King of Britain (Dumnonia)

Mother St. Ursula Princess of Britain (Dumnonia)

Marriage ?

Children Abt. 360 - Ystradwal ferch Princess of Britain (Dumnonia)

Forrás / Source:

1054394096013766. Prince Wales Cadvan CAMBRIA 1601,1746 was born in 172 in Cambria, , Britain and died in Y.

Cadvan married Gladys (The Younger) BRITAIN 1601 in <, , , Britain>. Gladys was born in 174 in , , , Great Britain and died in Y.

Children from this marriage were:

                     i.  3rd Blest Sovereign Cadwalladr BRITAIN was born about 193 in , , , Britain and died in Y. 

527197048006883 ii. Queen Strada "The Fair" BRITAIN (born in 248 in , , , Great Britain - died in 328)

Cadfan King of Britain (Dumnonia)

Born : Abt. 325

Father Cynan King of Britain (Dumnonia)

Mother St. Ursula Princess of Britain (Dumnonia)

Marriage ?

Children Abt. 360 - Ystradwal ferch Princess of Britain (Dumnonia)

Forrás / Source:

33790900283256832. Cadfan Prince Of CUMBRIA-[41686] 3,8,9,24 was born in 170 and died.

Cadfan married Gwladys "The Younger" Verch LLEWFER MAWR -[41687] [MRIN:25678] 3,8,9.,24

Marriage Notes: 2 _PREF Y

The child from this marriage was:

16895450141628416 i. Coel Ap CADFAN -[41685] (born in 200 - died)

In stories:

The Cymri hero, also known as Adeon mab Eudaf

This hero is known from the Mabinogi of The Dream of Magnus Maximus (Breuddwyud Macsen Wledig) and is one of Magnus Maximus companions on his way to subdue Rome. Adeon returns to found the Royal House of Gwynedd.

Adeon mab Eudaf is from this source: the Mabinogion of Breuddwyd Macsen Wledig. In the tale Magnus Maximus, emperor of Rome, has a dream where he sees a magnificent castle. Within the castle there is a great hall and in this hall two youths are playing gwyddbwyll using a silver board. Beside a pillar in the hall he saw a hoary-headed man sitting before a golden gwyddbwyll board and carving pieces with a file from a rod of gold. Before this man sat a maiden in a chair of ruddy gold. She was the fairest maiden that he had ever seen. Magnus Maximus instantly falls in love with the maiden and urged by his counsellors he sends messengers to seek her out. Finally she is found and Magnus Maximus assembles his host and ventures forth to gain her hand.

He voyaged to Britain and in Arfon he saw the castle where he saw the two youths, Cynan mab Eudaf and Adeon mab Eudaf playing gwyddbwyll and he saw Eudaf mab Caradog sitting in his ivory chair carving chessmen. There he saw the maiden, hailing her. The next day she asked him for her maiden portion, which was the Island of Britain to be held by her father for her from the channel to the Irish Sea and she would have three castles made for her; the first and greatest in Arfon (which would become known as Caernarfon), the second Caerleon and the third at Caerfyrddin. Magnus Maximus wins Elen's hand and tarries in her realm for seven years. By which time, according to the laws of Rome a new emperor has been created. Hearing of this in a missive Maximus raises his host and marches on Rome, subduing each realm as he passes. But Rome herself proves impregnable and he camps before her walls for a full year before he seen a host approach. This host is led by Cynan and Eudaf. They avowed to attack the city and gain it for Magnus Maximus. By night they measured the height of the walls and had their carpenters form ladders, enough for every four men in their company. In the morning the men of Britain took their food, and they drank until they were invigorated. At noon, when the fighting ceased and the two emperors went to meat the Brython came to the city and placing their ladders against the wall they scaled these and made their way into Rome. The new emperor had not even enough time to arm himself when they fell upon him and slew him. A full three nights and three days were they subduing Rome and they kept guard at the walls to prevent Maximus from entering until they had subjected all to their will.

Within time Maximus spoke to Elen, saying that her brothers (Cynan and Adeon) had not subdued the city for him. But she replied that her brothers were the wisest youths in the entire world and that he should venture forth and ask the city of them. If it was in their possession it would gladly be given to him. Maximus and Elen went to the city and demanded it. But the citizens said that none could do this but the men of the Island of Britain. Then were the gates opened to them and Maximus was hailed emperor.

In payment for what they had done Cynan and Adeon were given any region they desired in the world to vanquish and hold as their own. Thus they came to the land of Armorica where they slew all the men and kept the women, subduing the land to their will. When this was done Cynan spoke to Adeon asking him whether he would remain in this new land or return to his own home. Adeon chose to return to the land of the Brython whilst Cynan stayed in Armorica to found the land of Llydaw (Brittany).

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