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Elizabeth Lynde (Tufts)

Псевдоним: "Elizabeth Tufts"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Wilby, Norfolk, England
Смерть: Умер в MA, USA
Место погребения: Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Peter Tufts; Peter Tufts; Peter Tufts и Frances Tufts
Жена Ensign Thomas Lynde
Мать Thomas Lynde; Capt. John Lynde; Elizabeth Tufts и Joseph Lynde
Полукровная сестра Mary Fowle; Franesca Tufts и Peter Tufts, of Mystic Side

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Ближайшие родственники

About Elizabeth Lynde

Note: This branch up from John Barrett b. 1704 is somewhat speculative in that I (as well as some others who appear responsible) have made a bit of a best guess that the wife of that John was Dorothy Lynde. Even though she was as much as 12 years older than him.

Great Migration Begins says: (Some sources suggest that the wife of this Thomas was Elizabeth Tufts, but no evidence for this has been found. This proposed identification may have arisen through confusion deriving from the marriages of Joseph Lynde, son of Thomas Lynde, to Elizabeth Tufts, daughter of Peter Tufts, and of Peter Tufts, son of Peter Tufts, to Elizabeth Lynde, daughter of Thomas Lynde [Wyman 638; NEHGR 51:299-300].).

Based upon her given age at death, Elizabeth was born circa 1612, probably in England.

DEATH Elizabeth died in Malden, Middlesex co., MA on 2 September 1693; she was 81. Her death record notes that she was the "wf. of [Ensign] Thomas [81 y.]."

MARRIAGE Sometime before the birth of their first child in 1647 when Elizabeth was 35, she married Ensign Thomas LYNDE, son of Deacon thomas LYNDE & Mary [SURNAME NOT KNOWN] (sic, I am going with Elizabeth Tufts for now) in Charlestown, Suffolk co., MA.


i. Thomas LYNDE

ii. Captain John LYNDE

iii. Elizabeth LYNDE

iv. Joseph LYNDE


Torrey, Clarence Almon, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Gen Publ Baltimore, MD. 1985 plus Supplements 1 and 2. & S&R CDROM. {Reg. 51:299, 300; Snow-Estes 1:242; Charlestown 638; Lynde (ms) 4; Tufts 1, 2; Shurtleff 1:673; Cleveland 51; EIHC 18:173}.

Early Vital Records of Suffolk Co Massachusetts to the year 1850 CD ROM, Search Research Publ Co 1997. Wyman’s Genal of Charlestown 2:687.

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Хронология Elizabeth Lynde

Wilby, Norfolk, England
25 март 1647
Возраст 35
Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States
25 октября 1648
Возраст 36
Malden, Middlesex, MA, USA
20 апреля 1650
Возраст 38
Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts
13 декабря 1652
Возраст 40
Malden, MA, United States
2 сентября 1693
Возраст 81
Возраст 81
Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States