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Géza Goldberger

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Hőgyész, Tolna County, Hungary (Венгрия)
Смерть: 10 мая 1915 (21)
Karlików, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland (Польша) (Killed in WWI near Karlikow, Galicia)
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Ármin Goldberger и Sarolta Charlotte Goldberger
Брат Margit Miriam Kron и Irene Sušický

Профессия: Jurist, Insurance
Менеджер: Rina Talmore
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Géza Goldberger

Geza Goldberger, Armin and Sarolta's eldest child, was an intelligent and talented young man. Like his two sisters, he attended elementary school in Graz. He moved with his family to Trieste. At 18 he graduated the K.K. Staats-Real-Gymnasium in Trieste, and then applied for a job at Assicurazioni Generali. On the 10th of September, 1911, he started a 3-month trial period and thanks to his good command of languages such as Italian and Hungarian (in addition to German being his mother-tongue), and on the 1st of January, 1912, he was offered a position in Life Insurance at the Generali Head Office in Budapest.

Generali's file regarding Géza Goldberger is not actually very rich of further information excluding a letter he sent to Generali, Trieste, on the 2nd of July, 1913, to get his high-school diploma back as he wanted to apply for the State examination at Graz University.

At the age of twenty he was called up as World War One broke out. He enlisted in Székesfehérvár, Hungary, as Corporal. The photos in uniform were taken there. .According to the War Archive in Vienna he was enlisted to: "koenigliches ungarisches Landwehrinfaterie-regiment Nummer 17, 2. Kompanie." Shortly later he was sent to the front. Assicurazioni Generali's papers confirm he died at war in the area of Karlikow (Galicia) on the 10th of May, 1915. Presumably it was during the Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive in Galicia, which took place in May that year.

Several official letters of condolence followed his death. In addition to them a sort of booklet or gazette: “Közgazdasàgi Közlemények” was issued in Budapest on July 1, 1915, where a short obituary notice with a photo of Géza is reported

His father asked Generali to help bring his remains to Budapest. He is presumably buried in the city's district 5.

His mother never overcame the loss of her beloved son.

Casuality List WW1 Austria-Hungary

  • No. 85702
  • Last Name Goldberger
  • First Name Geza
  • Rank EinjFreiw Korp
  • Unit KU LIR 17
  • Sub-Unit 2 K
  • Homeland Ungarn
  • District Tolna
  • Location Högyesz
  • Year of Birth 1893
  • Date of Death 10.5.1915
  • List 267
  • Addition/Correction
  • Date of List 19150916
  • Page 15
  • O/EF/M M
  • Link Digitized Newspaper


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Хронология Géza Goldberger

28 сентября 1893
Hőgyész, Tolna County, Hungary (Венгрия)
июнь 1911
Возраст 17
K.K. Staatsgymnasium, Trieste, Italy (Италия)
- 1914
Возраст 18
State University, Graz, Austria (Австрия)
10 мая 1915
Возраст 21
Karlików, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland (Польша)

Obituary in “Közgazdasàgi Közlemények”, issued in Budapest on July 1, 1915.

Translation by Vera Ramaty:

Late, very late, as if on purpose, this sad news was delayed reaching us, so that our pain should be lessened, we found out that unforeseen destiny added a name to our Generali heroes.

The distinguished, good hearted Geza Goldberger, the best person, outstanding, hard working employee, the devoted colleague, the perfect example of self sacrifice, the hero of all nameless heroes, on May 10th, in a battle near Kadilikov (in Galicia), fighting for his country and homeland, died a hero’s death. During the fight he knew not fatigue, problems, or fear. He fought not as someone who came from working behind a desk, but as someone who came directly from a school for heroes.

The deceased in action, Geza Goldberger, born on September 28, 1893, was barely 22 years old when he breathed his last young breath. He was the only child to his parents, who lived in Trieste, who just like their dear dead son, were always most hospitable and helpful to all people arriving from Hungary. The sorrow toward the parents is enormous not only in Triest, but also here in their homeland, further more, because the sad news reached them on the same day when the father also had to join the army.

The poor mother, who now stayed all alone, came back to Hungary, and her tears fall on her homeland’s soil for her son, and her son’s blood spills on the unfortunate land of Galicia. Out of her tears that join the tears of thousand and thousands of mothers, and the from the blood that join thousands and thousand of young lives. the greatness of our homeland will flourish and grow.

Geza Goldberger, since October 1, 1912, was an employee of the Triest General Insurance Company. (Assicurazioni Generali). He spent most of his time in Triest, and during that time he remained a good Hungarian to the end, and he was an example of the Hungarian hard working spirit. His memory will live there and also here. The foreign land where his remains lay, should become his peaceful resting place, and blessed be his memory.

июль 1915
Возраст 21