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Gaius Julius Caesar

出生地 Rome, Rome, Latium, Roman Empire
逝世 卒于 in Rome, Rome, Latium, Roman Empire

Gaius Julius Caesar, I之子
PompeiaMarcia Regia的丈夫
Gaius Julius Caesar, III; Sextus Julius Caesar, III; Julia Caesaris; Julia CaesarisConsul (91 BC) - Sextus Julius Caesar之父

Occupation: Caesar
管理员 Noel Clark Bush

About Gaius Julius Caesar, II

ID: I6892 Name: Caius Julius II of Rome Caesar Given Name: Caius Julius II of Rome Surname: Caesar Sex: M _UID: C10B2AFA5118D811BE490080C8C142CC60B2 Change Date: 26 Nov 2005 Death: Y Father: Caius Julius I of Rome Caesar

Marriage 1 Marcia of Rome Children

Caius Julius III of Rome Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other men called Gaius Julius Caesar (Strabo), see Gaius Julius Caesar Gaius Julius Caesar Strabo Vopiscus (ca. 130 BC – 87 BC) was the younger son to Lucius Julius Caesar II and his wife Poppilia and younger brother to Lucius Julius Caesar III. His cognomina indicate he was possibly cross-eyed, and the surviving member of a set of twins. In 103 BC, he was on a committee to supervise the implementation of the Lex frumentaria, an agrarian bill, proposed by tribune Lucius Appuleius Saturninus. Strabo became a pontifex in 99 BC; a quaestor in 96 BC and an aedile in 90 BC. When the war between Sulla and Marius started, Strabo stood for the consulship, although he needed to be a praetor before. Sulla supported him and this caused great civil unrest. Along with his brother he was killed fighting in the streets at the beginning of the Civil War by partisans of Marius in 87 BC. According to Livy, their heads were exposed on the speaker’s platform. Caesar Strabo Vopiscus wrote at least 3 tragedies with Greek themes. These plays were Adrastus, Tecmesa and Teutras. Only fragments of the plays survive. According to Cicero, he was an orator known for his wit and humor. Cicero published a dialogue called De Oratore, in which Strabo explains why humor is important in speech. He was an uncle to Lucius Julius Caesar IV, Julia Antonia and a great-uncle to Mark Antony, Gaius Antonius, Lucius Antonius and Lucius Julius Caesar V.

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Gaius Julius Caesar II

Gaius Julius Caesar was the father of Gaius Julius Caesar the Elder who was the father of Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator. Nothing is known of the career of Gaius Julius Caesar II, except that he can possibly be identified with a praetor who died suddenly at Rome, although Lucius Julius, a praetor urbanus in 166 BC is another likely candidate for that fact mentioned by Pliny.

Gaius Julius Caesar II married a woman from the patrician Marcii Reges, a union his father would have arranged. He in turn arranged a marriage for his son Gaius to Aurelia Cotta, a daughter from the Cotta branch of the gens Aurelia. The Aurelii Cottae had been plebeian nobles from the mid-3rd century BC, when two ancestors attained the consulship. His daughter Julia was married to a former plebeian tribune from an obscure family. This man was Gaius Marius, the novus homo and seven-time consul.

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Rome, Rome, Latium, Roman Empire
Rome, Rome, Latium, Roman Empire
Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Lazio, Italy
Rome, Roma, Italy
Rome, Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy, Lazio