John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter

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John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Upholland, Lancashire, England
Смерть: Умер в Pleshey, Chelmsford, Essex, England
Причина смерти: Beheaded by a mob during the Epiphany Rising
Место погребения: Collegiatechurch, Pleshey, Essex, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent и Joan, Countess of Kent
Муж Elizabeth Plantagenet, Duchess of Exeter
Отец Richard Holland; Lady Constance de Holand; Lady Elizabeth de Holland; Alice de Vere; John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter и ещё 1
Брат Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent; Edmund Holland; Joan Holland и Maud/Matilda de Holand, Lady
Полукровный брат Edward of Angoulême и Richard II of England

Менеджер: Ofir Friedman
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About John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter

4. JOHN de Holand (after 1358-executed 9/10 Jan 1400, bur Pleshy, Collegiate Church). Appointed Lieutenant of Ireland in Aug 1382. In [May] 1384, he murdered a Carmelite friar who had charged John of Gaunt with high treason. In Jul 1385, he killed the Earl of Stafford's eldest son, in revenge for the death of his squire who had been killed in a quarrel by one of the Earl of Stafford's archers, but he was pardoned 2 Feb 1386. Appointed Constable of the army which John of Gaunt took to Spain to enforce his claim to the throne of Castile, it was on John de Holand's advice that John abandoned this unsuccessful enterprise. He was created Earl of Huntingdon 2 Jun 1388, and Duke of Exeter 29 Sep 1397. He was accused of complicity in the murder of Thomas Duke of Gloucester 29 Oct 1399. He joined in the plot to seize King Henry IV, but was captured at Prittlewell, Essex and taken to Pleshy Castle where he was executed. He was declared a traitor by Parliament in Jan 1401, and his possessions confiscated and titles forfeited[714]. m (Plymouth 24 Jun 1386) as her second husband, ELIZABETH of Lancaster, divorced wife of JOHN Hastings Earl of Pembroke, daughter of JOHN "of Gaunt" Duke of Lancaster & his first wife Blanche of Lancaster (Burford, Shropshire before 21 Feb 1363-24 Nov 1425, bur Burford Church, Shropshire). She deserted her first husband, was seduced by her second husband, whom she hurriedly married as she was pregnant. She married thirdly (before 12 Dec 1400) as his second wife, Sir John Cornwall.

Duke John & his wife had five children:

  1. a) CONSTANCE de Holand (1387-12 or 14 Nov 1437, bur London, St Katherine´s by the Tower). m firstly (1404) THOMAS Mowbray Duke of Norfolk, son of THOMAS Mowbray Duke of Norfolk & his second wife Elizabeth FitzAlan of Arundel (1385-executed 1405). m secondly (1413) Sir JOHN Grey of Ruthin, son of REYNOLD Grey Lord Grey of Ruthin & his first wife Margaret de Roos of Helmsley, Yorkshire (-27 Aug 1439).
  2. b) RICHARD de Holand (-3 Sep 1400).
  3. c) EDWARD de Holand (-young).
  4. d) ALICE de Holand ([1392]-before 1406). m (before 1400) as his first wife, RICHARD de Vere, son of AUBREY de Vere Earl of Oxford & his wife Alice FitzWalter ([1385]-15 Feb 1417, bur Earl's Colne). He succeeded his father in 1400 as Earl of Oxford.
  5. e) JOHN de Holand (Dartington, Devon 29 Mar 1395-5 Aug 1447 bur London, Church of St Katharine by the Tower).


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Хронология John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter

Upholland, Lancashire, England
Возраст 24
of, Dartington, Devonshire, England
Возраст 29
Ruthin, Denbighshire, Wales
Возраст 31
Возраст 34
Upholland, Lancashire, , England
18 марта 1395
Возраст 37
Dartington, Devonshire, England
Возраст 41
of, Dartington, Devonshire, England
Возраст 41
Возраст 41