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Kimberly Louise Fraser

Место жительства:: Ottawa, Ottawa Division, Ontario, Canada
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Ottawa, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada (Канада)
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Не показыватя и Не показывати
Сестра Gale Cameron Fraser
Неполнородная сестра Не показывати

Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

    • Не показывать
    • Не показывать
    • Частный профиль
      second cousin twice removed
    • Не показывать
    • Не показывать
      half sibling
    • father's partner's son
    • Не показывать
      father's partner's child
    • Не показывать
      father's partner's child
    • Не показывать
    • 16th cousin thrice removed

About Kimberly Louise Fraser

GedMatch - SJ806219C1

I am a volunteer curator with Geni. As a curator for Geni, I along with other curators have been merging duplicate profiles. Geni is working toward creating a single World Tree, so isolated trees are being merged into the World Tree when duplicates are identified. See http://www.geni.com/worldfamilytree/learn-more to learn more. I work in many areas of the World Tree, wherever duplicates have been identified either by other users or Geni computer.

I am not related to all profiles I merge, but working towards an accurate World Tree.

I have been working on genealogy since 1993 and I take an all inclusive approach. I view family history as a giant jigsaw puzzle, each contributing a small piece of the puzzle. This meshes perfectly with Geni's World Family Tree thus since 2014 I have been endeavoring to add the results of 20+ years of research to Geni.

My primary area of research is Huron County, Ontario, Canada, where my maternal grandfather's ancestors were among the first settlers in the mid 1800's. From this base and other Scottish and English connections, my research has spanned all of North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and many other far flung corners of the world.

I try to verify all information, but none of us are perfect, so if you have a correction, feel free to correct and update any profiles I have added.