Marguerite Basché

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Marguerite Basché

Geburtsort: Aunay, Mer, Orleanais, France (Frankreich)

Ehefrau von Hans Petersen und Jan Haance
Mutter von Lijsbeth Petersen und Jan Petersen

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About Marguerite Basché

"The only single girl of marriageable age among the party on the Voorschooten was Marguerite Pierre Basche, aged twenty-three, who was among a group of fugitives who had apostatized before leaving France and who returned to the reformed faith at the Walloon church in Delft on October 19, 1687. It is probable that Marguerite came from Aunay, just north of Mer, a small town near the Loire with a flourishing Protestant congregation, situated on the road from Blois to Beaugency. Mer was also known as Menars-la-Ville.. Here we find the vine-dressers Jean and Pierre Basche, brothers, and it is of more than passing interest in the Cape context to note that Jean Basche was married to Esther Retif. Marguerite Basche’s mother, evidently Marie Pierre, was living at Mer in 1688. The church at Mer is significant in Cape Huguenot history... Interesting too are the instances of social mobility revealed in the records of this congregation. The Basches, for example, were not all agriculturalists. Timothee Basche was a merchant in Beaugency in 1670."

  • M. Boucher (1981). French speakers at the Cape: The European Background. Pretoria, UNISA: Ch 5: Cape settlers I: from the Loire to the Channel p108
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Lebenslinie von Marguerite Basché

Aunay, Mer, Orleanais, France (Frankreich)
3 August 1692
Cape, South Africa (Südafrika)
11 Dezember 1694