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Melissena Martinakia

别名字号 "Мелисена Мартинакия"
生日 (57)
逝世 882年 (53-61)

Theophylactos Rangabe, Byzantine co-EmperorIrene NN之女
Inger of the Varangian Guard的妻子
Eudokia Ingerina, Byzantine Empress之母

Occupation: далечна роднина на императорското семейство, avlägsen släkting till den kejserliga familjen
管理员 Private User

About Melissena Martinakia

The Byzantine Emperors

It's unanimously agreed by scholars that all the emperors from the Nikephorus Dynasty were from the Ghassanid 

Royal Family. As stated above, for sure, the Gharios and Ghassan Dynasty is related to the emperors: Nikephorus I (or Nicephorus) Logothetes (reigned from 802 to 811 A.D.), Staurakios (son of Nikephorus, reigned in 811 A.D.), the empress Prokopia (daughter of Nikephorus I) and Michael I Rangabe (Prokopia's husband, reigned from 811 to 813 A.D.).According with many scholars, including Dr. David Huges, the Emperor Michael I and the Empress Prokopia (daughter of Nikephorus I) were the ancestors to later Byzantine Emperors. They had a son, the co-emperor Theophylaktos (co-reigned with Michael I from 812 to 813 AD), and he was father to a daughter named Melissena (later became Martinakia) who married Inger Martinakios. They had a daughter named Eudokia Ingerina who was empress consort of emperor Basil I and mother of the emperor Leo VI the Wise, also the emperor Alexander III and the Patriarch Stephen I of Constantinople. By that link, the Gharios and Ghassan Dynasty is also blood related to the Macedonian Dynasty of the Byzantine Empire and therefore, with the following Byzantine Emperors:

" Basil I the Macedonian (811-886, ruled 867-886) - married the Varangian Eudokia Ingerina

" Leo VI the Wise (866-912, ruled 886-912) - son of Eudokia Ingerina, legal son and heir of Basil I
" AlexanderIII (870-913, ruled 912-913) - son of Basil I, regent for nephew
" Constantine VII the Purple-born (905-959, ruled 913 - 959) - son of Leo VI
" Romanos I Lekapenos (870-948, ruled 919-944) - father-in-law of Constantine VII; co-emperor, attempted to 

found his own dynasty. " Romanos II the Purple-born (938-963, ruled 959-963) - son of Constantine VII

" Nikephoros II Phocas (912-969, ruled 963-969) - successful general, married Romanos II's widow, regent for Basil; 

" John I Tzimiskes (925-976, ruled 969-976) - successful general, brother-in-law of Romanos II, " Basil II (958-1025, ruled 976-1025) - son of Romanos II

" Constantine VIII (960-1028, ruled 1025-1028) - son of Romanos II; silent co-emperor with Basil II, sole emperor after 

his brother's death

" Zoe (c. 978-1050, ruled 1028-1050) - daughter of Constantine VIII
" Romanos III Argyros (968-1034, ruled 1028-1034) - eparch of Constantinople; Zoe's first husband, arranged by 

Constantine VIII; " Michael IV the Paphlagonian (1010-1041, ruled 1034-1041) - Zoe's second husband

" Michael V the Caulker (1015-1042, ruled 1041-1042) - Michael IV's nephew, Zoe's adopted son
" Theodora (980-1056, ruled 1042) - daughter of Constantine VIII, co-empress with Zoe
" Constantine IX Monomachos (1000-1055, ruled 1042-1055) - Zoe's third husband
" Theodora (ruled 1055-1056) - restored


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Constantinople, Byzantium Empire