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About Nest verch Rhodri Mawr

See Peter Bartrum, (May 29, 2018; Anne Brannen, curator)

See Peter Bartrum, (May 27, 2018; Anne Brannen, curator)

Please see Darrell Wolcott: Two Families Headed by a Rhydderch ap Iestyn; (Steven Ferry, July 18, 2020.)

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  • Nesta ferch Rhodri
  • F, #10163
  • Father Rhodri Mawr, King of Wales b. 844, d. 878
  • Mother Ankaret, Queen of South Wales
  • Nesta ferch Rhodri married Morgan Hen, King of Gwent, son of Owen, King of Gwent.
  • Family Morgan Hen, King of Gwent d. 974
  • Children
    • Owen of Glamorgan+
    • Idwallon ap Morgan+ b. c 900
    • Lleucu ferch Morgan+ b. c 902
  • From: ______________________
  • Ireland, Wales, and England in the Eleventh Century By K. L. Maund
  • Pg.184
  • Within the charter itself, there are no obvious indications of date. Liber Landauensis(4) records that Bleddri was reputedly consecrated in 983 with the consent of Kings Owain, Idwallon, Cadell and Cynfyn, sons of Morgan Hen, who were all ruling in Morgannwg, ..... The account goes on to say that Bleddri died thirty nine years after his consecration, that is ca 1022.
  • Davies(5) has pointed out, however, that Aelfric was not made archbishop of Canterbury until 995; so either the date of Bleddri's consecration as supplied by Liber Landauensis is wrong, or, even more probably, the association with Canterbury is false, and originates not in any historical fact, but in the policy pursued by Bishop Urban in the twelfth century of placating the see of Canterbury.
  • ....etc.
  • None of the other individuals named within the charter are of use with this problem either. The king, Rhys ab Owain, is not known from any other source, and this is his only charter-attestation. Apparently he was a grandson of Morgan Hen who, according to the Brutiau and Annales Cambriae, died ca 974. If the consecration-record of Bleddri can be used, then it would suggest that Rhys's father Owain was alive ca 983. Owain also features in charter 240, in association with his father and brothers. ____________________
  • The History of Monmouthshire By David Williams
  • Pg.60
  • .... called Morgan the Courteous, or the good-natured. His eldeft fon was born when he was fixty-feven years of age; and this fon was Morgan the Aged, (or as he was otherwife called Morgan the Great) who alfo lived till he was eighty-feven years old, and then his eleft fon Owain was born and the day after Morgan the Courteous died, and was buried in the grave of Teilo, the place now not known. ....
  • Pg.61
  • When Owain the fon of Morgan the Aged, was twenty years of age, he got a woman with child; and, on that account, the afore-mentioned benecition crefed in the family, and they never afterwards profpered. ....
  • After the death of Owain, the fon of Morgan, his fon Ithel poffeffed the fovergeignty of Glamorgan. And this Ithel was called Ithel Ddu, from the black colour of his hair, his eyes, and his beard.
  • Pg. 62
  • After Ithel, his fon Gwrgant was King; he gave the large plain .... ________________________
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