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Ruth Hornaday (Piggott)

Псевдоним: "Ruth Pickett"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Orange County (Present Alamance County), North Carolina, United States
Смерть: Умер в Preble County, Ohio, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Benjamin Piggott и Mary Piggott
Жена Nathan Hornaday
Мать Elisha Hornaday
Сестра Patience Cox; Elizabeth Shugart (Piggott); Margery Cox; Joshua Piggott; Mary Keys и ещё 3

Менеджер: Ben M. Angel, still catching up
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Ближайшие родственники

About Ruth Hornaday (Piggott)

From "Martha's Extended Family" family tree page on Ruth Piggott:


Ruth Piggott[1],[2]

F, b. 25 May 1777, d. 10 January 1859

Father* Benjamin Piggott b. 29 Nov 1732, d. 26 Apr 1818

Mother* Mary Hadley b. 31 Mar 1739, d. 31 Oct 1810

Birth* Ruth was born on 25 May 1777 in Orange County, North Carolina.[3] She was the daughter of Benjamin Piggott and Mary Hadley.

Marriage* She married Nathan Hornaday circa 1802.[3],[2]


Death* Ruth died on 10 January 1859 at age 81.[2]

Family Nathan Hornaday


1.[S177] William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, p. 362, 414.

2.[S194] Jack Weaver, Martha G Cline.

3.[S177] William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy.

From Pickett Family History:


Ruth (b. May 25, 1777 Orange County, North Carolina) married Nathan Hornaday (b. 1766 North Carolina) on ca. 1802.

They were granted a certificate on August 1, 1809 from Cane Creek Monthly Meeting to Miami Monthly Meeting, Ohio.

From Bill Putnam's information on Nathan Hornaday's family:





Nathan Hornaday

Nathan Hornaday was the fifth child, born about 1765. He spent his early life in the St. Asaph's district of Orange County as a farmer. He married Ruth Pike in December 1792 and they had three children before her death about 1799. He then remarried to Ruth Piggott about 1800. He moved to Preble County, Ohio in 1812 and died there in April of 1820. Ruth died there in 1859.

Children by his first wife were Susannah, Ezekiel and Hiram Hornaday. Nathan and his second wife had Ruth, Jemima, Elisha, John, Mary Ann, Nathan, Benjamin and Ezra Hornaday.

From the Preble County, Ohio Genealogy Trails Gratis Township page:


William Hixon, from Georgia, came in 1806 and settled in section 9. Thomas Talbert came in 1807 and settled near West Elkton. Elijah Mendenhall, from Georgia, settled in 1806 in section 34. Martin Sayler, from Maryland, settled on section 3 in 1809. He was a millwright and helped build most of the mills for a number of years. William Clevenger, from New Jersey, settled on section 24 in 1806. Nathan Hornaday, from North Carolina, settled in section 18 in 1806.



There are, or were (some are now forgotten), a number of small cemeteries, called family cemeteries, scattered about the township. Some settler lost a wife or child, or the settler himself died, and, the roads being only trails and there being no regular public cemetery, a little plot of ground, generally on high land, was fenced off on the farm. The body of the loved one was deposited there, and carefully guarded. As their neighbors lost some member of their families they were granted permission to bury on the family plot, and in this way sometimes quite a number of graves were made.

One such, on the land formerly owned by Jonas Brubaker, who married Rebecca Phillips, the first white girl baby of the county, is now enclosed by an iron fence, and lies on the hill top about a hundred yards west of Fair View cemetery at Gratis. It is now kept up by the township trustees, as are several others.

Fair Mound cemetery, at West Elkton, now called locally the Quaker cemetery, was laid out in 1805, and the first person to consecrate the ground with her dust was Martha Maddock, one of the family that was so prominent in leading the hegira of Quakers from Georgia and the Carolines to the land of freedom. She died in 1805, being the first white person to die in the township. The cemetery continued to be used until the limited space was practically filled a few years since, when it ceased to be generally used.

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Хронология Ruth Hornaday (Piggott)

25 мая 1777
Orange County (Present Alamance County), North Carolina, United States
16 марта 1806
Возраст 28
Orange County, North Carolina, United States
10 января 1859
Возраст 81
Preble County, Ohio, United States